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About Us

Mount St Helens 7 Wonders Creation Museum (dba) is a non-profit 501c3 service dedicated to upholding biblical creation by appealing to MSH’s rapidly formed features and by providing young earth literature.  Our legal name is Mount St. Helens Creation Information Center.

Location/Finding Us.  We are on State Route 504 9.5 miles east of Castle Rock (I-5 Exit 49) and 0.5 miles west of Toutle in Southwest Washington State.  Watch for mileposts beginning at I-5.  See our tall 7 Wonders Museum sign on south side of highway.  From the highway take our paved driveway into the parking lot. A walkway through landscaping leads to a gate, patio and Museum entrance (improvements scheduled for 2008).

Fees/Cost.  Museum admission – Presentations – Refreshments – Guide services – Over 40 booklets & papers – Speaking appearances.  As a Christian creation ministry these services are provided without charge.  The Museum is supported by users as God leads and through the sale of some 235 outstanding creation books and DVD’s in our bookstore.  Since we do not accept plastic, bring a check book or cash for purchases.

Hours/Scheduling.  Officially, we try to be open Monday-Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. mid-May through mid- October and by appointment on Sundays and during the rest of the year.  However, it is always best to call before you come because our hours vary during the non-tourist season and on other occasions.  To keep our sanity (and our word), we have a booking procedure for scheduling groups or services beyond simply seeing our museum.

Our Focus.  Understanding how MSH supports creation and a young earth to refute evolution requires understanding of many subjects--geology, volcanology, the geography of the area, the eruption and aftermath, Scripture, creation and evolution--a tall order. A disciplined resolve to learn the material produces greater confidence in Scripture, greater love for God and the satisfaction of being able to answer the empty ideas of evolution.  Our presentation and field trips are designed with this in mind.  So the tall order for us is to remember that people have various learning capacities. Primarily, we want to give groups an enjoyable outdoor experience and a greater appreciation for the character of God.

Our Business Neighbors.  If you stay in the area long, you will need food and shelter.  There are a dozen places to get food and shelter.  The county web site,, helps you find the service you need.

Information for Planning a Visit
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Services – Six 7WM services; area dining and lodging; attraction fees
Seasons/Hours – How seasonal weather dictates visitor opportunities
Museum – What is there to see at the Museum?
PowerPoint Talk/Other Talks – The Museum talk and talks for your venue
Field Trips & Tour Options – Personalize your tour of the West side attractions
Approaches to MSH – How the Mountain is a “side show”
Meet the Guide – Lloyd Anderson talking to a group with MSH behind him
What Others Say – Words from some of our thousands of visitors


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