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Detailed Information about the Illustrated Presentation:
Mount St. Helens: A Big Bang for Creation

Factual and persuasive PowerPoint talk of the eruption and resulting 7 wonders.  Level of detail varies from 45 to 90 minutes as desired by the sponsor.

To uphold the trustworthiness of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation that says the earth is just thousands of years old, not the billions of evolutionary thought.  Along the way listeners learn how volcanoes work, the mechanics and destructiveness of the 1980 eruption, how different forces can produce formations in a wink of geological time and how all this supports the Biblical Flood and a young earth interpretation.

    Speaker Bio
Rev. Lloyd T. Anderson, born 12/28/35 in Portland, came to Christ in 1951 in Corvallis, attended Multnomah Bible College from 54-56, graduated from Wheaton College in 1959 (B.A.) and Dallas Theological Seminary in 1966 (Th.M.).  Married Doris Theis, an R.N. from Milwaukee Wisconsin, in 1960.  Father of five children.  Pastored Bible churches in Port Angeles, Poulsbo and Lynnwood 1966-1985.  Office manager/bookkeeper for Seattle engineering firm 1986-1997.  With Doris founded and directs Mount St. Helens Creation Information Center from 1998-present.  Doris assists in the presentation and manages the book table and displays.

    Quality of the Presentation
The presentation is built on Dr. Steven Austin's Slide Set for Educators, his 58-minute video Mount St. Helens: Explosive Evidence for Catastrophe, other writings by the creation investigators, personal interviews and study of secular scientific work.   Dr. Austin received his Ph.D. from Penn State University in 1979 and serves as chairman of the Department of Geology at the Institute for Creation Research in Dallas Texas.  Anderson has given this talk 800 times since 1998.  He has a clear, powerful voice.  People with hearing difficulties volunteer how clearly they hear his words.  Over time Anderson's presentation has come to use about 35 Austin slides and another 35 from other sources.  He continues to study the growing scientific understanding of the eruption and has served as a guide to over 200 groups visiting Mount St. Helens.

    General Audiences
The material is scientific in nature so those above the sixth grade derive the greatest benefit.  However, it is well received by audiences containing all age groups and has been tailored for Sunday services.  Small group fellowships, family nights and especially college/career age gatherings enjoy the presentation.

    Educationally-Oriented Audiences
A format of back-to-back science periods with a break works well for home school co-ops and Christian schools.  An extended chapel also works well to cover the basic information.  However, the impact decreases as the presentation time is cut below 40 minutes.  The information can best be covered in an hour.  To teach the information 90 minutes is ideal.  We encourage educational groups to study volcanoes and MSH for background knowledge before their visit.

Demo Available For Potential Speaking Invitations or Groups
Consider booking Lloyd to speak to your group.  Request our preview clip of this talk.

    Additional Seminar Topics
Consider a weekend seminar with presentations on Saturday morning and afternoon or evening. Perhaps Sunday afternoon or evening, in addition. Or, combine the high school through adult classes during the normal Sunday school hour for the Mount St. Helens portion.  Topics available:

• Four recent creation findings
• Creation in the Book of Job
• Planning a trip to Mount St. Helens
• What do the miracles of Jesus in the gospel of John tell us about the timing of creation?  Turning water to wine – John 2
• Rapid erosion and resulting sedimentation

    Book Table
The Center provides an impressive assortment of the most recent creation books and DVD’s along with free papers and booklets that strengthen and enlarge the audience's understanding of creation subjects.  Typical of the free items are a summary of the 7 Wonders, a challenge to radiometric dating, Ken Ham's booklet Six Days or Millions of Years and former evolutionary biologist Dr. Gary Parker's testimony From Evolution to Creation.  People who see the many books and videos are encouraged in their faith as they realize that many scientists hold creation views.  Book table income helps to pay tour expenses and support the Creation Center.

    Promotion Materials/Suggestions
The Center can provide a generic press release announcing the event you choose to sponsor.  Several versions of a bulletin announcement as well as a copy-ready bulletin stuffer are available.  Copies of the Center's brochure and several other papers can be supplied for the church foyer; or the brochure itself may be used as a bulletin stuffer.  A brief promo of the primary talk is available.

    Cost/Fees/Requirements from Host
Hospitality may be needed but the Center sets no fees for any of its services believing the Lord will supply.  The Andersons are unpaid volunteers but are reimbursed for expenses including mileage.  All gifts, love offerings, honorariums and book sale proceeds are deposited in the Center's bank account.

    Basic Info About the Center
Names:  the slide show is a ministry of Mount St. Helens Creation Information Center, sponsor of the 7 Wonders Creation Museum and Bookstore.
Location:  9.5 miles east of I-5 (Castle Rock Exit 49) on State Route 504.  All four Mount St. Helens world-class visitor centers are found on this 52-mile long, $165 million highway that terminates in the Johnston Ridge Observatory parking lot, 5.5 miles north of the crater.
Legal Status:  incorporated under Washington law, recognized as a non-profit religious organization by the IRS; donations are tax deductible; governed by a 9-member board of directors.
More Information:  see our web site.  It contains about 20 articles and recent newsletters written by the Andersons.  Ask for older newsletters.
Address:  4749 Spirit Lake Highway; Silverlake, WA  98645
Communication:  phone-360-274-5737;;

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