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What Others Say…

Comments of Appreciation

The slide show was great. Not only did we enjoy the amazing pictures, but it was great seeing the way you work the gospel into the presentation. God is really using your ministry to point the way to Him.”
  David Williams

“I had a chance to read your article entitled 7 Wonders of Mount St. Helens. It is very exciting research to deepen our faith to see God’s intervention in every Biblical event. I would like to share your article with our Youth Group Students of Korean Presbyterian church of Yakima.”
  Joung K. Rhee, Youth Group Director

“What a wonderful time you made it (visit to MSH) for us; what a privilege. I remember thinking that I didn’t want to leave …”
  A & P Franklin from England

“I appreciate all the efforts you and Lloyd invest in this ministry, and the enthusiasm with which you both pass on these truths to the rest of us. Thanks again!  I read your booklet, Doris, last night and it was spiritually fulfilling to understand those scripture references in relation to a catastrophic phenomenon.”
  Wanda Stults, commenting on the booklet, When God Spoke through Nature’s Fury.

“Your presentation was an absolute exclamation point, edge-of-my-seat life event!”
  Mary Kaye Mahon, visitor to a home group session /California

From hundreds of notes written in our guest book:

Excellent, Outstanding, Very interesting, Thank you for being here and doing this, Wonderful, What a blessing!, Glad we found it, Thank you for holding forth the Word of Truth, Thanks for being a light at a very important place and time, Great material, Tremendous ministry, Splendid.

And this gracious encouragement:


Notes from a teacher and her students who visited in 2007:

Thank you so much for your hospitality, enthusiasm for the truth of science and creation, and skill as a lecturer and tour guide.

It was wonderful to be greeted so graciously by you both with smiles and treats after our long drive.  I have never been greeted at a museum before in quite the same way and will be spoiled from now on.
Your enthusiasm for the truth of creation was immediately evident and my students and I were encouraged, blessed, and informed by your message.  We enjoyed your positive attitude, your unwavering belief in the Word of God, and your attention to variation in activity and scheduling.

The presentation you gave was well prepared, clearly presented, and solidly based on well referenced research in science and the Word of God.  You kept our attention with excellent visuals and a clear and well directed speech.

We will definitely tell others of the education in truth that they can receive at your museum.

                                             High School Science Teacher

A sampling of many more:

“I loved your speech and passion for creation….  Your knowledge and great speaking skills were a joy to listen to….”             - Racheal

“You have a very special talent of being able to hold people’s attention very well!”  - Amanda

“I can’t begin to thank you enough for sharing us your presentation and leading us to see the buried A-frame, Sediment Dam and….”            - Moriah

“It was lots of fun listening to all the knowledge you released on us from all of those years of storing it up.  It was intriguing and suspenseful, and an opportunity I encourage everyone to take.”          - Jack

“Thank you Mr. Anderson for presenting us about Mt. St. Helens.  I enjoyed the hike outside a lot.  It gave me a time to relax and think.  I had a great time!”      - Mikayia

“I would just like to thank you for showing us around and telling us all the stuff that happened during and after the eruption of Mt. St. Helens.”             - Justin

“…I thought that your presentation was very well presented and convincing.  You are indeed a well practiced speaker.”                   - Kelsey

“Thank you so much for what you did for our field trip.  I enjoyed the presentation and now fully understand the different aspects of evolution and special creation.  I was awed by walking across the Sediment Dam and looking at the A-frame.  Thank you again for such a wonderful time.”                         - Heather

“Thank you so very much for welcoming us into your museum and showing us the mountain.  …I also enjoyed the talks when you were in my car.  I was sitting right behind you.”    - Jordan

“Think you Mr. Indersin fore the toking about the mt.sanhilins that was good lerning.think you.
                                                                    – Victor (his first language is Russian)

“Thank you for leading us on such a beautiful trail, and thank you for providing us with a lot of useful information.  I love how active you were.  It made it easier and more fun to learn.”           - Tyla

“I learned more while experience Mt. St. Helens..than…in a classroom...amazing experience.”  - Noelle

 “…(your) presentation…was extremely fascinating….”         - Ashley

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