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Mount St. Helens · 7 Wonders Museum

Services of the 7Wonders Museum

1. Pictorial display of the 7Wonders: geological formations formed rapidly from 1980-1982 primarily.  Interpretive guide on duty.

2. Ark and flood display.  Model of Noah’s Ark (H.O. scale with people, animals & a boxcar).  Ark could hold contents of 520 railroad boxcars.  Books & DVD’s on the Ark and Flood; free booklet.

3. Fun with rocks display: see volcanic rocks float & learn why.

4. PPT Presentation - An enthusiastic review of the eruption itself and rapidly formed geologic changes that refute the idea that the earth is billions of years old. 45-60 minutes.

5. Bookstore: browse the largest selection of creation books and DVDs in the Northwest.

6. Gifts/souvenirs: unique to our message, varied from other visitors centers.

7. Field Trips: we provide a variety of tour and hike options as weather and your time permits.  See the sheet entitled “Field Trip/Tour Options.”

8. Food service: Refreshments are often served to groups who have come a considerable distance.  Occasionally a group meal is prepared.  Ask for details.

9. Road Presentations: We bring our PowerPoint presentation, even a creation conference, to churches, Christian schools, home school associations, or wherever the creation story of MSH and young earth evidences is welcome.  A well-stocked book table can be added.

10. Registration/Bookings: Call to arrange for the above services.  If you are only coming to see the Museum, we will register you on our calendar and thus make sure we are open that day.  If you want to see the PowerPoint presentation and receive additional services such as a group visit or field trip, we will prepare a booking form.

Food/Lodging (also see below)

Exit 49 - Six restaurants and three motels
SR 504 - 4 Campgrounds; 3 RV Parks; 4 B&B
MM 19 - Nineteen Mile House (full service restaurant) (Seasonal)
MM 27 - Hoffstadt Bluffs (full service restaurant, magnificent view) 
MM 33.5 Weyerhaeuser (No food)

Visitor Center Fees on SR504.  Two years after the eruption, Congress designated 110,000 acres around the volcano as the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument and dedicated it to scientific research, education and recreation.  Access to the north half, which includes most of the blast zone, however, is restricted to scientists conducting research.  In the restricted zone the public is limited to the highways, viewpoints, visitor centers and a handful of trails.  Signs everywhere announce a $100 fine for going outside of these areas.  In 2007 Adults paid $3 to visit the Mount St. Helens (Silverlake) Visitor Center run by the state and $8 (under 16 free) to visit the federal visitor centers.  Golden Eagle, Golden Age, Senior Pass and Golden Access Passports are honored.  Seniors can buy a lifetime Senior Pass for $10.  It admits the holder and three guests.  Purchase the Senior Pass at one of the two government visitor centers.  Hoffstadt and Weyerhaeuser visitor centers are free.  For current charges call 360-274-0962.

Lodging at exit 49 and on Spirit Lake Hwy (SR 504)

Mt. St. Helens Motel:  360-274-7721 – restaurant adjacent (at Exit 49)

Timberland Inn & Suites:  888-900-6335 or 360-274-6002 (at Exit 49)

Motel 7 West:   360-274-7526 (at Exit 49)

Blue Heron Inn Bed and Breakfast:  360-274-7721 (views of Mount St. Helens and Silver Lake) (MM 5)

Seaquest State Park: reservations, 888-226-7688; information, 360-902-8844 (MM 5+)

Silver Lake Motel/Resort:  rooms, cabins, RV, tent sites, boat rentals/launch, 360-274-6141 (MM 7)

Silver Cove RV Resort: lakeside RV/park model lots, boat launches (2), canals & water, picnic area, trailer parking, 53-acres, 360-790-8020 (1/4 mile from MM 9 on Hall road)

Kid Valley Campground and Store:  360-274-9060 (last place for gas on SR 504)(MM 19)

Eco park Resort:  360-274-6542 or 360-274-7007 (closest to the Mountain) Cabins, yurts, tent and RV sites, café, horseback riding (MM 24)

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