Colossians and Science
A Total Christ  -  by Walter Lang

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Day Fifteen -- Colossians 1:20

A Total Christ in His Reconciliation

Keith Wilkes, theologian of Bristol, England, is author of Religion and the Sciences. He notes that the atom is not a solid substance but is composed of many forces. Thus, he sees a need for "thought" behind all substance. However, he introduces God only when science offers no explanation. Nor does he combine Scripture with science, fearing this will restrict science.

Forgiveness of "Things"

In Col. 1:20 the apostle Paul states twice that God reconciles all things, not only things on earth but "things" (plural) in the heavens. In the next verse he speaks of Christ reconciling people, using the same word. How can Christ's shed blood reconcile an animal, an atom, a star?

Christ does this indirectly, through man. When Adam and Eve sinned, all nature was cursed and is still groaning (Rom. 8:19-23). When Christ reconciled mankind, all of nature was blessed. For generations educators have boasted that education can be conducted without reference to religion. Then they introduce the pagan religion of evolution. Morality and Christ's reconciliation are involved in all "things."

New Model of Atom

This is noted in the new model of the atom which is supported by Dr. Thomas Barnes in his book Space Medium and by Charles Lucas in Solo Deo Gloria. Essence of this model is that the atom, and all that is in it, appears to be magnetic forces and reactions. What this does, first, is that it destroys the current quantum model of the atom, according to which it is claimed the atom can exist without thought and that uncertain elements within it do not follow cause-and-effect. This is based on an old Greek idea of the atom according to which, it was believed, the atom could exist by itself in what is called a point particle. It was said the atom was indivisible. Now an entire host of activity has been found inside the atom. According to the new model, it is realized the atom is fluid, is subject to magnetic forces, and depends on thought. Because the atom is the basis of all "things," all "substance," it is easier to accept that God's thought directs all things. All magnetic forces are an extension of God's thought, and all substance is a matter of thought. Thus, it is not incomprehensible that when Christ reconciles people, He also reconciles things. Jesus Christ can be, and must be, total in all things, even in the atom. The contention that the Christian religion will damage science education is in itself a pagan religion.

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Prayer: That Jesus Christ be total in all respects and that His

reconciling power operate in us.

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