Colossians and Science
A Total Christ  -  by Walter Lang

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Day Sixteen -- Colossians 1:21

Enemies of a Total Christ

In their book titled Why Scientists Accept Evolution, Robert Clark and James Bales describe early proponents of evolution. These include James Hutton, Sir Charles Lyell, Charles Darwin, and Thomas Henry Huxley. Some of these men were Christians who tried to maintain their faith. Others were agnostic from the start. Finally, all denied anything supernatural. Evolution theories began with, and have been promoted by unbelievers, according to these authors. Therefore, they maintain, the theory is suspect.


In Col. 1:21 the apostle Paul tells the Colossian Christians that at one time they were alienated from God and were His enemies because of their wicked works. In Rom. 8:7 Paul writes the natural mind is at enmity with God. It is this natural enmity which has invented the theory of evolution; it is not evidence which allegedly supports it. Many scientists adopt evolution without proof. This indicates that it is a religion.

Creation/Evolution Debate

In the winter of 1979-1980 Dr. Russell Arndts of the State University at St. Cloud, Mn. persuaded the head of his department to offer a creation/evolution course for 11 weeks, for three hours each week. He taught the Creationist version while his colleagues all taught the evolution side. It was an ongoing debate. After the formal meeting, another hour was spent in a restaurant. Dr. Arndts did not mind that I (a Christian pastor) attended, but I was not to say much for fear of introducing religion. It was thought his colleagues could be persuaded on the basis of scientific data. Though I promised to remain quiet, I did indicate this was not the way to reach his colleagues because the issues are more than a data issue, they are a religious issue. Now, nearly ten years later, none of the colleagues has accepted the creation position and he himself understands that the issue is more religious than being simply another scientific model. This is due to man's natural enmity toward God. Thus, evolutionists twist data to suit their religion. Man's natural enmity toward God is not overcome by data. The miraculous power of the Holy Spirit is needed.

A Battle

Because evolution is the most dominant religion or philosophy in the history of the world, overcoming it entails a battle. This battle is necessary because by nature all people are alienated from God and the Holy Spirit must miraculously regenerate us.

Reference 16.

Prayer: That we recognize that by nature all people are God's enemies. That we need the miracle of salvation, turning us from hostility to being willing soldiers for the Lord.

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