Colossians and Science
A Total Christ  -  by Walter Lang

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Day Three -- Col. 1:2,3,4,12, 22,28; 3:14; 4:12

Perfection from a Total Christ--Not in Nature

Writing in The Meaning of Evolution, George Gaylord Simpson says, "The search for an absolute ethic ... has been a failure." He admits that absolutes are not possible in nature. He also claims that absolutes are not possible in Scripture. This is contradicted by the book of Colossians in which we are taught perfection in Christ.

Statements of Perfection

The word "saints" in Col. 1:2, 1:4, 1:12 means they are perfect. The expression "truth of the Gospel" (1:5) verifies that perfection. In 1:22 we read that we can be holy and blameless and unreprovable through Christ. Paul's purpose in preaching and teaching was to perfect the Colossians in Christ (1:28). We are to be clothed with love, the bond of perfectness (3:14). Epaphras was concerned that the Colossians be perfect and complete in the will of God (4:12). The gnostics, with their graduated angel stages, could only hope for a future perfection. And evolutionists can produce nothing better.


In 1985 Miguel Yapor, a Creationist in Chihuahua, Mexico, drove 200 miles to El Paso, Texas in a pickup to pick us up for three weeks of speaking engagements. Because he suffered from muscular dystrophy, he had asked Marco De Las Casas to help him with the driving. Marco's father was a leader in education in Mexico and his brother was a provost at the University in Chihuahua. Marco taught science in three different schools. Though Marco had become a Creationist, he was not a Christian. During pur five-hour drive to Chihuahua, we described to him the Colossian doctrine of perfection: that God created a perfect world in the beginning; that sin had destroyed that perfection, including a curse placed on all material data which are studied in science; but an almighty God still demands perfection. This perfection can be restored only through the substituted atonement of Jesus Christ. Because the world was perfect in the beginning, there could not have been a gradual evolution from slime--not even a theistic evolution through which, it is claimed, God created by evolution. Thus, the best in science cannot be attained unless it is based on Jesus Christ. It cannot, and did not, occur through chance processes or survival of the fittest (2:19). The following day (a Saturday) Marco accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior.

A Total Christ

Marco learned that he needed Christ in everything. And this is why we read in 1:18 that Christ should be preeminent in all things, material as well as spiritual and scientific as well as for "those things above" (3:1).

Reference 4.

Prayer: That we be taught the need for a total perfection and that this is possible, both materially and spiritually, in Christ's substituted atonement.

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