Colossians and Science
A Total Christ  -  by Walter Lang

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Day Four -- Colossians 1:5, 6

Truth from a Total Christ

Writing in Science and Faith--Twin Mysteries, Wm. G. Pollard, who is an Episcopal rector and a physicist, demonstrated that a real ending or conclusion cannot be attained by anything which today is called science. There are untold mysteries in nature. We think scientists are coming closer to an understanding of the atom as they are discarding the currently held quantum model and are probing into a magnetic-reaction model in which they find an unlimited speed of light holding together opposing parts of the atom. But there is much, much more information in the atom which has not been discovered. From Job 38:22-30 we learn that there are mysteries about weather which we have not even begun to solve. And we will never reach absolutes through merely a study of the atom and weather. There are greater mysteries than these in Christ of which Paul speaks in 1:26, 27 and 2:2. The Gnostics, practicing a secret religion--similar to some secret societies today-claimed they possessed mysteries which others did not have. Paul tells them he is revealing the mysteries of Christ which are open to whoever will receive them. One of these mysteries is that in Jesus Christ, absolutes are to be found.

A Damned Religion

In April of 1977 there was a debate between Dr. Sam Kirkwood and Dr. Duane Gish, attended by 5,000 people. It was held at Northrup Auditorium at the University of Minnesota. Kirkwood stated emphatically that he would be damned before he would accept the Bible as a book of science. Thus, he restricts his research to a cursed nature which, while it is consistent, is never absolute. And he rejects the only source of real truth, Jesus Christ, who has removed the source of lies and curse, i.e., sin. Thus, we need to use the greater mystery of revealed Scripture to probe the lesser mysteries of nature.

A Total Christ

Again, we note the need for a total Christ, preeminent in and above all things (1:18). Whatever we do or think ought to be done in His name (3:17). Unless we use the wondrous mysteries in Christ to understand and use the mysteries in nature, we will follow the deception of a billions-of-years age and an upward development of life. It even appears that the current model of the atom (quantum), with its uncertainties and reliance on chance, is deceptive because it is built on chance. There will always be mysteries, even when we know as we are known (I Cor. 13:12). But in Christ we have revelation of mysteries, old and new.

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Prayer: That we may be taught to use both mysteries in nature and in Christ. That we be spared from deception.

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