Two Decades of Creationism

by Walter and Valeria Lang



Not only is the creationist position helpful to evangelism, but it is valuable also to the science disciplines. It has been contended wrongly that introducing creationism into classroom teaching will remove the needed objectivity. When it is acknowledged that God is infinite, we realize there will be no end to research. Through the centuries the best in science has been achieved when scientists based their work on this premise. In the modern creationist movement, scientists have been surprised at the amount of restructuring which they find necessary in disciplines which have been based on pagan evolution. In Romans 12:2 we read that Christians are not to be conformed to this world, but they are to be transformed and then will follow a transforming of the science disciplines.

This restructuring requires recognizing evolution for what it is. Evolution is not a fact; it is not even a good scientific theory; it is a pagan religion. According to Romans 1:25, worshiping the creature rather than its Creator constitutes a pagan religion. Believing that all things came into existence through the process of time, chance, and the environment is a false religion.

Grand Canyon

This writer has hiked down to the bottom of Grand Canyon 19 times, but Ed Nafziger of the Seattle area has made 33 trips to the bottom. Data gathered on these and other tours support the claim that the Grand Canyon, rather than having been carved over a period of from 26 million to 36 million years, was formed rapidly by a fissure process.

Dinosaurs and Man

Drastic restructuring is also required with regard to dating the age in which dinosaurs lived. A very satisfactory explanation is that dinosaurs lived in the pre-Flood world and, perhaps, for a short time thereafter. Human footprints and dinosaur tracks unearthed in strata in the Paluxy River bed at Glen Rose, Texas give evidence that both creatures did live at the same time and in the same area.

Coal and Oil

In displays at most museums it is claimed that coal and oil were formed millions of years ago. In his excellent doctoral thesis, accepted by Pennsylvania State University at State College, Pennsylvania in 1979, Steve Austin provides proof that the Kentucky No. 12 Coal bed had to be formed through vegetable matter rafted onto the site and quickly coalified.    This is in contradiction to formation by matter standing in peat bogs for immense periods of time.

Dr. Donald Chittick, a chemist living in Newberg, Oregon, learned that Forest Service personnel were converting cellulose, such as straw, into coal in 20 minutes through use of pressure. From the same substances Chittick produced what he calls syngas in about two hours. He has perfected an inexpensive process and is operating his car on hay pellets, converting them into the equivalent of gasoline while the car is running. The philosophy that religion or morality interferes with science is neither good science nor good religion.


Creationists are also revising the discipline of geology in the area of "overthrust." Dr. Clifford Burdick of Tucson, Arizona, and Mr. John Read of Northridge, California have done extensive work in this field. In the early 1960s, while working on his doctorate in the area of overthrust, Burdick found genuine overthrusting at Owl's Head in the Tortillita Mountains of Arizona and also in the Santa Rita Mountains. Between the upper series of rocks that had slid over the lower series, he found considerable ground-up rock and scratch marks. Technical terms for these are breccia and slickensides. However, in a study of alleged overthrust in Glacier Park he did not find these evidences.

In Glacier Park geologists claim that "older" rocks lie on top of "younger" rocks. Algae are found in the top rocks which are classified as Cambrian and assigned an age of several hundred million years. Shells are found in Cretaceous rock below, in Roes Creek and other places. The explanation given is that an entire series of rocks slid over others for a distance of 45 miles. From a window of the Many Glacier Hotel tourists are shown a line on Wynn Mountain which, it is claimed, is the overthrust line. A Bible-Science-sponsored tour group climbed Wynn Mountain to the line and found one rock layer on top of another but nothing to indicate genuine overthrust. The exposure at Roes Creek was studied but, again, nothing in either the Cambrian or Cretaceous indicates overthrust. A laborious climb to Marias' Pass and study of an alleged overthrust line failed to provide evidence of genuine overthrust. Other alleged exposures are at Dry Fork, Cut Bank, and Chief Mountain which is called a rootless mountain. It is claimed that it slid for a distance of 45 miles but, although Cambrian rocks are consistently found on top of Cretaceous rocks, there are no scratch marks to indicate a genuine overthrust. What was found in Glacier Park were examples of violence which have deluded people into accepting the idea of overthrust. If these rocks were laid down in the order in which they are found, a restructuring of geology is required. This demands abandoning reliance on the geologic column which is sacred to uniformitarianists. Catastrophes provide a better explanation than immense periods of time.

A study of overthrusting in the Canadian Rockies by members of Bible-Science groups has revealed no more genuine overthrusting than in Glacier Park. At Crowsnest on the Continental Divide, on Highway 3 near Frank, Alberta, there is an alleged example of overthrusting. Again, this is a good example of violence in the past, but the necessary breccia and slickensides are missing. This is true also at Banff. The entire series of Canadian Rockies at Banff is said to be overthrust, but what was found was a mountain placed so as to have prevented an overthrust.

The idea of overthrust originated in Switzerland at Schwanden. At the Glarus Overthrust even less evidence was found than in Glacier Park or in Canada. Overthrusting is used as a crutch in attempts to save the geologic column and its implications which favor evolution. Genuine overthrust, however, was found in Scotland, at the Highlands Overthrust. This was similar to the overthrust in Arizona.

The whole concept of overthrust needs revising and, along with it, considerable revision of the geologic column. In fact, this may lead to discarding the geologic column.

A favorite scientific mechanism of the evolutionists to indicate old ages is that of radioactive decay. Included are such systems as uranium to lead, carbon-14 to nitrogen-14, potassium to argon, and rubidium to strontium. The half-life of uranium to lead is widely accepted as 4.5 billion years. By making several assumptions, and measuring the ratio of the two elements in certain rocks, evolutionary geochronologists have pronounced that the age of the earth is also about 4.5 billion years. Enough modern research has been conducted by creationists and others, however, to show that these methods of dating are too dependent on this tenuous assumption to be considered scientifically reliable. Evolution needs billions of years to be at all viable, and the dating systems have been devised to uphold this view.

One of the products associated with uranium decay is a particular isotope of helium. The best measurements made to date reveal that there is not enough of this type of helium in the atmosphere to support alleged decay of uranium for more than 6000 years.

Pleochroic Halos

With the aid of sophisticated equipment, Dr. Robert Gentry of Powell, Tennessee has studied spheres of discoloration left in the rocks by the radioactive decay of tiny radioactive particles. These are referred to as "halos." He has discovered that the rocks were formed as solids, quickly, and that they did not cool from a hot state over a period of millions of years. The halos also indicate a change in the rate of decay. If the decay rate has not been constant, these systems cannot serve as clocks to determine time. If a watch or clock does not tick regularly, it is useless as a timepiece.

Potassium/Argon dating is wildly erratic; the same rock can give ages ranging from five billion to 20 billion years. In attempts at direct dating, zircons and other individual mineral crystals found in rocks are studied.


A mathematically rigorous method of eliminating many of the assumptions is to find cases where the radioactive ratios in these several crystals from the same rock can be plotted in a straight line. The slope of this line indicates the age. The problem is that another possible source of the straight line data (and one which is infinitely more probable) is that the rock is actually an imperfect mixture of two (or more) original substances melted in a volcano. This straight-line method (called the isochron method) of dating regularly yields ages ranging from zero to 30 billion years. The geochronologist must now, in spite of his fancy technology, arbitrarily select favorable data, since the other ages must be due to mixing. Negative data also occur regularly. These, too, are obviously due to mixing. It is most probable that all the dates found by this method are simply due to mixing, and the earth is 6000 years old, an age less than the first point on the radioactive dating scale.


Similar problems exist with carbon-14 dating. One is the lack of balance between the present rate of production of carbon-14 (by cosmic radiation on the nitrogen in the atmosphere) and the rate of decay. It has not reached a state which the scientists refer to as "equilibrium." Calculations have shown that equilibrium would be reached 30,000 years after the present conditions were established. These data compared with the present state of imbalance would indicate an age of about 6000 years. This does not take into account any changes in these conditions which may have been caused by the Flood, or the changes in the earth's magnetic field which affect the rate of production of carbon-14.

Parts of dead organisms may be dated by measuring the decay of the carbon-14 they contain and, if proper corrections for the above factor could be made, the method would be quite accurate. The dates are actually calibrated by evolutionist assumptions and, again, are only as good as the assumptions themselves. Some valuable data, however, are obtained by carbon-14 dating which may be considered valid up to about 4000 years.

Magnetic Field Decay

A number of new dating techniques are being used which uphold the concept of a young earth. Dr. Thomas Barnes researched 135 years' of data which indicate that the magnetic field of the earth cannot be more than 10,000 years old. The abundant data which he has collected serve to restructure the sciences.

Population Formulas

A young earth has also been substantiated through establishing formulas for estimating growth of the world's population. These include geometric or doubling formulas or computer simulation formulas. These indicate that the present population of the earth could not have begun more than 4500 years ago. This is one of the most accurate of sciences and it favors a young earth.


Relativity is another area which is being restructured and improved. Most scientists hold sacred Einstein's theories on relativity, both general and special. It is claimed that atomic clocks prove that as we approach the speed of light, time dilates. This is used to claim that when we reach the speed of light, space dilates. But Dr. Dingle, writing in Science at the Crossroads,49 points out a vital fallacy in the entire area of relativity. Repeating experiments claimed to uphold relativity do not meet the test. This theory was developed by persons who believed in chance rather than in absolute truth. It is recognized that relativity does not meet the test of experimental evidence. For example, there has never been any experimental evidence that space curves back on itself. Absolutes are once again being considered.

Einstein believed that he could explain gravity through relativity and arbitrarily included gravity with the other forces.    It is still not
known what gravity really is and Einstein's explanation has not provided the answer. Although scientists contend that nothing is absolute, in relativity they operate with light as an absolute or constant. It is probably not. In this field, too, restructuring is taking place.

The Big Bang

The "Big Bang" is popular in space science these days. The theory is that the whole universe is degenerating and at some point in the future everything will revert to a black hole. But then something happens and a big bang starts everything all over again. Some people believe this is the method God used for creating the universe.

There are references in Scripture which may indicate an expanding universe. The word for "firmament" means "expanse." In Jer. 31:37 we read that man will never measure the end of space, perhaps because the universe is expanding. This does not prove a Big Bang. God created a complete and mature universe; it did not evolve from a Big Bang. Restructuring science disciplines could lead to their being improved to the point where they are more compatible with Scripture.


There is even an interest in reviving the idea of geocentricity because there is no physical evidence that the earth is moving through space. Many take the view that everything in space revolves around the sun and this whole configuration then revolves around the earth. This is known as the Tycho-Brahe system. From the beginning of astronomy, and continuing to today, the observational evidence is that the Earth, Sun, etc. occupy a place in the essential center of the universe.

Cosmologists and astronomers have persistently discarded this evidence on frankly philosophical grounds. This is embarrassing to them and explains the reason for their strong reaction to any mention of geocentricity in any form.

In the Bible-Science program we have not taken a position pro or con; certainly the creationist program is not dependent on a geocentric position. But it does show that scientific concepts can change.

Atomic Structure

Another area of restructuring is that of atomic structure. Some have been suspicious of the quantum model of the atom because it is a chance model. Essence of this model is Heisenberg's uncertainty. It is claimed that statistically cause and effect in forces and reactions are found in entities which are large, but in smaller entities such as are found inside the atom, no order exists and the atom structure is based on chance. The chance model was developed by people who believe the universe came into being through chance processes.
Dr. Thomas Barnes, physicist and formerly professor at the University of Texas at El Paso (now in independent research), and his student, Rick Pemper, and others are working on a model of the atom based on cause-and-effect. Much work still needs to be done in order to arrive at a full explanation of the atom based on this concept, but it appears that based strictly on cause-and-effect and following precisely the formulas of Maxwell, a superior model of the atom is being achieved.

Unnecessary Fears

Because God and the Bible are removed from science, there is no reliance on Providence, and nature is depended upon. But nature has been cursed and often it is cruel. For example, there is an unnecessary fear of nuclear power. Certainly there is danger in working with atomic energy, but this is a God-given source of energy and there is also danger with coal, oil, and even wood-burning. When we refuse to permit exploration and expansion of this energy source, we are not using resources provided by God.

Another example is the fear of a population explosion. When people are beset by unnecessary fears, they are not taking God at His word that He will provide. If all eggs of flies produced flies which reached maturity, the earth would be covered with ten feet of flies. But God in His providence controls the fly population. Clearly, the Bible regards abortion as sinful murder, and future generations may regret this no-growth policy.

Certainly we are to manage our natural resources wisely and not waste any of God's gifts. The Mid-East is filled with examples of civilizations which have disappeared because they wasted resources. On the other hand, God has commanded us to "subdue the earth" (Gen. 1:28), meaning that we are to make full use of nature. Evolutionists have deified nature, substituting for God the forces of time, chance, and the environment. This is no more enlightened than heathen bowing down to idols of wood and stone. One result of this no-growth policy is that nations such as Japan and West Germany are surpassing us in productivity.

God in Science

As a result of progress made in restructuring the science disciplines and reintroducing the Judeo-Christian standards of morality, we ought also to consider new definitions in science. Science is generally defined as being observable, repeatable, and falsifiable. It is here suggested that the definition of science be altered to include also God. When this is done, it is acknowledged that the whole universe has been created by an eternal God and that, further, the whole universe has been cursed because of human sin. The issue of morality is the reason that falsifiability or correctability is required in the definition of science. Morality can be restored through the perfection of Christ's atonement. Many people believe that introducing God into the sciences will preclude research. Religion is too absolute to permit research, it is claimed. Church people, on the other hand, have argued that science has no place in the church. It will have a negative effect on religion, they claim.

The Psalmist writes that God's understanding is infinite (Ps. 147:5). There is no greater incentive for research, and it is far superior to progress through errors, for learning through mistakes is a costly way of learning. No matter that many people disagree with the statement that "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom"; it is stated four times in Scripture: (Ps. 111:10, Job 28:28, Prov. 1:7, and Prov. 9:10).

Personal Experiences

This author has done things in his lifetime which may not be generally approved and which even he does not recommend for young people today. But they have been of benefit to him. His professional background is in theology, and even when he began working in the area of Bible-Science relationships, he did not work toward getting degrees in the science disciplines. He chose to edit a Newsletter, read extensively, travel and develop ideas both from the world of science and of theology. He believes this has spared him from being indoctrinated by teachers of science. Isaiah (48:6) promises that the Lord will show those who follow Him new things. To find the "new things" promised by Isaiah one cannot always be conformed to the things of this world.

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