Two Decades of Creationism

by Walter and Valeria Lang


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Evangelism Tracts, Walter Lang, editor, BSA, Minneapolis, Mn.

Does Time Have Creative Powers?
Are You a Creation Evangelist?
Objectives of Space Exploration
Flatworms and Memory
Is This Your Ancestor?
Violence in the Bottom of Grand Canyon
Dinosaurs and Sin
Is Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat?
Is the World Really 4.5 Billion Years Old?
What You Should Know About Entropy
Can Life Be Created Through Science?
Virgin Birth—Scientific Fact

Lenten Evangelism Tracts, Walter Lang, editor, BSA, Minneapolis, Mn.

The Stones Cry Out
Will a Rooster Wake You?
Does Water Make You Thirsty or Does it Give You Life?
Blood....Life or Death?
Is Truth to be Found?
Is Time an Opportunity or a Judgment for You?
Does Darkness Frighten or Bless You?
Was Jesus' Resurrection a Chance Happening?

1974 Evangelism Tracts, Walter Lang, editor, BSA, Minneapolis, Mn.

What is the Age of this Lava Flow? (Hawaii)
The Firepit (Hawaii)
Human Footprints and Dinosaur Tracks (Glen Rose, Texas)
Dinosaurs and Catastrophe
How Old is the Grand Canyon?
Lessons Taught by Minifossils in the Grand Canyon
Would You Become a Bible Believer if You Saw Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat?
Is a Mountain Able to Witness for Christ? (Mt. Ararat)
Is This a Rootless Mountain? (Glacier Park)
Were These Mountains Cut Out by Ice Action? (Glacier Park)
How Faithful is "Old Faithful?" (Yellowstone Park)
How Many Petrified Forests in Yellowstone Park?

1975-1976 Evangelism Tracts, Vic Lockman and Walter Lang, BSA, Minneapolis, Mn.

Are You Perfect?
Was God an Astronaut?
Have You Been Brainwashed About Ape-Men?
Are You the Product of a Mutation?
Did the Noahic Flood Cover the Whole Earth?
Need We Fear Another Ice Age?
Why Scientists Assign an Age of Millions of Years to Earth Rocks
Is the Present the Key to the Past?
Three Giants of Science
The Giraffe's Long Neck...Did It Evolve?

Additional Tracts, Howard Barth, editor and artist, BSA, Minneapolis, Mn.

Who Made the Universe? Who Made the Solar System? Who Made the Earth?


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