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English, Spanish, Polish, French, Italian and Romanian are in distribution in various countries of those respective languages. We hope to have at least one printer/distributer in each Spanish speaking country to hold down printing and shipping costs. If you know of any volunteers, please contact us. Also, we are advised that there are some stylistic differences between Spanish as spoken in the Americas and in Spain, and could use a native Spaniard to clean up the existing Spanish translation for use in Spain. The Romanian resources are small, and the project is very "underfunded" and could use help. Since the Polish was done with permission, but not under our supervision, we do not know how well funded their outreach is. If an initial printing of 10,000 is done in any language, the printing costs are substantially reduces. A one time gift in any of these ministries would last for eternity in creating a self sustaining ministry.

German, Indonesian and, Japanese have been translated, proof read, and a page layout has been completed using the existing art work. However, inasmuch as the current art work is not right for these cultures, we are holding off printing until: 1) we have the funds to re-do the art work, and 2) we are able to locate an artist Please pray for both of these. We have been searching for an artist for about five years with no success.

Russian and Chinese have been completed and fully type set for some time. But we are advised that the existing translations are poor. We recently had the Chinese proof-read for a fourth time and re-type set. We are hoping that this meets with approval with those skilled in the Chinese language. At least we believe we are closer to a good Chinese translation after four successive proof readers have offered their corrections. Please pray that we can finalize a good translation of each of these languages.

COMPLETED but not yet TYPE SET, and still in need of PROOF READING
Arabic has been completed for several years, but we have not found an Arabic Speaking Christian with software for typesetting. A friend named Nazareth let his pastor see the hand written copy, and was advised it was an excellent translation, and not in need of serious proof reading. Pray that we can complete this project.

Flemish (Dutch) was supposedly near completion five years ago, but contact with the missionary was lost. Pray that we might resurrect this relationship and project. I do not know what happened. I work with a law student who was born in Viet Nam who has expressed interest in preparing a Viet Namese translation in May. Pray that it comes about. I also know a Korean Pastor who has expressed the desire for several years in helping to prepare a Korean translation, but has not yet found the time. I have become friends with a number of Iranian Christians. Pray that we can develop a Farsi translation.

The most immediate need is for artists who can do quality work that will speak to many cultures. While the art work is clear, and portrays exactly what the booklet is trying to communicate, it is clear that we need higher quality art work that will transcend various cultures. Pray for the funds, and that we might locate a gifted artist who can do what needs to be done.


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