Hell and the High Schools
Christ or Evolution - Which?
by T.T. Martin, Evangelist  1923
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  1. "God or Gorilla," by Alfred W. McCann, L.L. D. It is a terrific, but just exposure of Evolution and some leading Evolutionists. They will never answer it -- they can't.

  3. "The Other Side of Evolution," by Alexander Patterson. A powerful, convincing book.

  5. "Origin and Antiquity of Man," by G. Frederick Wright.

  6. "Man and the Glacial Period," by G. Frederick Wright.

  7. "Evolution -- A Menace," by J. W. Porter.   A small book, but convincing and unanswerable.

  8. "In His Image," by Hon. Wm. Jennings Bryan. One chapter specially devoted to Evolution, but a fearful arraignment.

  9. "Evolution of the Bar," by Philip Mauro. Another small, but convincing and unanswerable book.

  10. "Evolution or Creation," by L. T. Townsend. Clear and powerful.

  11. "Organic Evolution Considered," by Alfred Fairhurst, A. M., D. Sci. A scientist who meets the Evolutionist on his own ground and crushes him; a great book.

  12. "Theistic Evolution," by Alfred Fairhurst, A. M., D. Sci. A small work, but equally convincing.

  13. "Q. E. D.," by George McCready Price, a scientist. Convincing and strong.

  14. "The Fundamentals of Geology," by George McCready Price. Of equal ability with "Q. E. D."

  15. "The Collapse of Evolution," by L. T. Townsend. The best book of its size on the subject.

  16. "The Credulity of Incredulity," by Arthur T. Pierson. Presbyterian Board of Publication. A splendid pamphlet.

  17. "The Menace of Darwinism," by William Jennings Bryan. Pentecostal Publishing Company, Louisville, Ky. A powerful pamphlet.

  18. "What About Evolution?" by W. H. Griffith Thomas. The Bible Institute Colportage Association, Chicago.

  19. Gridley. "The First Chapter of Genesis as the Rock Foundation for Science and Religion." "An able discussion of Evolution."

  20. "Organic Evolution," A. L. Gridley.

  21. "New Light on the Doctrines of Creation by George McCready Price, Scientist.   "A most able discussion by a geologist."

  22. "Evolution Criticised," by T. B. Bishop. Oliphant's, London, England. A valuable book.

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