Hell and the High Schools
Christ or Evolution - Which?
by T.T. Martin, Evangelist  1923
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Let it be kept clearly in mind that this is not an appeal to have religion taught in the schools supported by taxation. It ought to be taught there; man has body, mind and soul; our State schools are educating the body and the mind, but not the soul, and our tax-supported schools are leaving the soul untrained. As a result, as Prof. Eby has shown, the poorer denominational schools have put nearly nine times as many in "Who's Who in America" as the State schools. This could be corrected by allowing the different denominations a period each day to teach religion in the different class rooms at their own expense; the pupils who do not wish this study, to study that period in the study hall under the eye of a teacher.

But the book is a protest against, after shutting the Bible and religion out of the tax-supported schools, having anti-religion taught; it is a protest against turning over our tax-supported schools to the insidious teaching and drilling into our children the most insidious, most attractive, most dangerous and soul-destroying infidelity with which the world has ever been cursed.

One of the leading Editors of the South, R. K. Maiden, of the Word and Way, of Kansas City, recently published an editorial on "Evolution Means Revolution:" "It is not to raise a false alarm to proclaim even from the housetop, that we are face to face with a real crisis. The observing and thoughtful among us must be aware that conditions are critical. We must reap what we sow. And we are now reaping a harvest of infidelity from a creedless sowing of former years. While we have been sleeping the enemy has been diligently and supersticiously sowing tares. The crisis to which we refer is the field of education -- secular, religious and Christian education. For many years there has been going on an infiltration of rationalism. The effects are revolutionary. Starting with Evolution as a working basis, the evolutionary hypothesis has been long enough and in ways enough applied for us to begin to see that evolution ultimately and inevitably means revolution.

"Beginning back forty or fifty years ago, German rationalism began to find its way into the schools of learning of our country. University professors became interested in German philosophy and attended German Universities. Graduates of German universities were sought as teachers in our universities. Soon the leaven of rationalism began to spread. Men infected with rationalism and accepting the hypothesis of evolution as a working basis, became the writers of text books -- text books on astronomy, biology, physiology, psychology, sociology and related subjects. In this way the germs of rationalism have been broadcasted. Things have gone on until now many, if not all, of our state universities, together with other universities, have become hotbeds of rationalism. The writers of our text books used in our public schools are mostly Evolutionists. Many of our public school principals and teachers are Evolutionists. They got their rationalistic ideas from the universities in which they have studied. So we are confronted with the serious situation of having the children of our country inoculated with the virus of Evolution.

"In our headline we say 'Evolution Means Revolution'. About this there can be no sort of doubt. We have seen enough and know enough of the effects of the teaching of Evolution to know that to the extent to which it becomes prevalent and dominant it will be revolutionary. We have come to see that those who accept evolution as a hypothesis do not think of God as necessary to their scheme of things. Christ is not allowed any higher place than that of a pure and noble man. Where the credibility and authority of the Bible are not denied, they are discredited. The evolutionist acknowledges no external authority. His evolutionary theory makes useless, if not impossible, miracles and the supernatural. Doesn't this spell revolution of the most radical and tragic kind?"

This Editor explains exactly how Evolution has been fastened on us. It now has us by the throat. Our only hope is another revolution -- drive these evolution teachers from every tax-supported school, through the local Boards of Trustees, and by electing legislators who will cut off all support from all tax-supported schools where it is taught; then, until we can have prepared proper text books for the schools (for they have us by the throat in the text books and the text book publishers) require every teacher in every tax-supported school to become posted on Evolution and expose it whenever it comes up in the books used.

If the Boards of Trustees of the denominational colleges choose to be traitors to their trust and allow it taught in those colleges, and if some of the presidents and professors of these denominational colleges will continue to deceive and say that Evolution is not being taught in them, when it is; and if these denominations continue the dupes of their pussy-footing editors who are apologists for and defenders of the Evolutionists, and will leave their denominational colleges as dumping-grounds for their rottenness, let them do it; but the honest, God-fearing taxpayers of this country need to realize the terrible, Bible-destroying, Christ-denying, soul-destroying scourge that is being spread among their children, which they are being forced to pay for with their money, and arouse themselves, and in their American man­hood drive this thing from our tax-supported schools.  God pity the fathers and mothers who will be brow-beaten and turned from their duty by these educational high-brows, and allow them­selves to be scourged into submission and subjection by these Evolutionists and their bat-like, pussy-footing apologists and defenders. The bat, in the presence of animals, will crawl on its feet and pretend to be an animal and thus stand in with the animals; then in the presence of the birds, they will fly and pretend to be birds, and thus stand in with the birds. They are awfully orthodox out among the common, everyday Christian men and women, and talk about "our sacred   Bible" and "our precious Saviour" and "the precious blood of Christ" and that "God created man in His own image," and that everything brought forth "after his kind" -- and then turn and train with the Evolution­ists;  the one makes secure their salaries,  the other maintains their standing and dignity as being "modern men," "up-to-date," as having shaken off "the old traditions" and being possessors of the "new knowledge," when  they know that Evolution teaches that everything did not bring forth "after his kind,' that God did not create man in His own image; when they know that if Evolution is true, and the Saviour endorsed Genesis as the word of God, it makes Him out as only the bastard, illegitimate son of a fallen woman, and leaves the world without a real Redeemer.

Let the reader notice this parallel as given by Patterson in "The Other Side of Evolution":

(Gen. 1:26, 27.   2:7.   V: l, 2.)

"And God said, let us make man in our image, after our likeness. ***** And God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him, male and female created He them. ***** And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul. * * * * * In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made He him; male and female created He them; and blessed them and called their name Adam."

(From Darwin's Descent of Man, II, 372.)

"Man is descended from a hairy quadruped, furnished with a tail and pointed ears, probably arboreal in its habits and an inhabitant of the Old World. This creature, if its whole structure had been examined by a naturalist, would have been classed among the quadrumana, as surely as would the common and still more ancient progenitor of the Old and New monkeys. The quadrumana and all the higher mammals are probably derived from an ancient marsupial animal, and this through a long line of diversified forms, either from some reptile-like or some amphibian-like creature, and this again from some fish-like animal. In the dim obscurity of the past we can see that the early progenitor of the Vertebrate must have been an aquatic animal, provided with branchiae, with the two sexes united in the same individual."

That is Evolution. No honest man who has three ideas above an oyster can say he believes both of those accounts. "How any one can accept both accounts passes all understanding. The late Dr. Henry Barrows, president of Oberlin University, tells of meeting a Hindu boy in his visit to India, who had attended the mission schools and learned there the shape of the earth. He had, of course, previously been taught the Hindu cosmogony that the earth was surrounded by salt water and that by a circle of earth and that by successive circles of buttermilk, sweet cane juice, and other "soft drinks" with intervening circles of land. Dr. Barrows asked the boy which belief he would hereafter hold. He replied that he would believe both." -- He was a "theistic Evolutionist."

"The Bible can no longer speak with unquestioned authority. Poor old Adam disappears ***** Christ's divinity is only such as we may possess ***** the atonement is only such as we see in all life and nature ***** As to the future life we find ourselves very much in, the dark ***** We no longer regard going to heaven as the center of our interest." -- Theodore D. Bacon, Evolutionist."   That's honest; that's open and above board.

"It is a fearful and wonderful picture they give us of the origin of marriage from the battles of baboons; of the rights of property established by terrible fights for groves of good chestnuts; of the beginning of morals from the instincts of brutes, and of the dawnings of religion, or rather of superstition, from the dreams of these animals; the result of the whole being that civilization and society and law and order and religion are all simply the evolution of the instincts of the brutes, and that there is no necessity for the invoking any supernatural interference to produce them." -- Robert Patterson in "Fables of Infidelity."  That is Evolution. If that is true and the Bible is not God's revelation to man, where is the sin of sex relations outside of marriage?  If sex relation was no sin among baboons, nor in the next generation, nor in the next, where on up to man was the line crossed that made sex relations outside of marriage a sin?  Who had a right to say it is a sin, if the Bible is not God's word?  Where is the sin of capital crushing labor if Evolution is true?  It was not a sin for baboons, by force, to overpower other baboons and take a grove of good chestnuts; nor in the next generation; nor in the next; where, on up to man, did we cross the line and it become a sin?  Who said it was sin, if the Bible is not God's word?   Suppose these things are sin, what of it, if the Bible is not God's word and there is no hell?  (And Evolutionists laugh and sneer at the idea of there being a hell).

God pity the fathers and mothers who will let sentiment take the place of reason and duty and not drive Evolution from our schools because the Evolutionists will turn "sissy" and play the "baby act" and whine "persecution!" "They burned Servetus at the stake!" "They made Galileo recant." That is a fine defense for a man who claims to be a man, to make, isn't it? A man can come into our schools and teach that the Bible is not God's word, and we mustn't say a word, or "they burned Servetus at the stake." He can teach that the Saviour was the bastard, illegitimate son of a fallen woman, and a goody-goody ignoramus or a vile liar and deceiver, and we must let it be taught to our children, or, "they burned Servetus at the stake!" They can rob our children of a real Saviour, and send them from this life into "outer darkness," into Eternal night, into hell, and if we dare protest, "they burned Servetus at the stake!" God pity the fathers and mothers who will let sentiment take the place of reason and duty and let their taxes continue to pay the salaries of these men to damn our children with Evolution simply because they call it "science" when there is no science in it; and send them to hell, and we, poor slaves, pay the expenses, their salaries, with our taxes.

"But," says someone, "don't you believe in liberty?" Certainly, but let these Evolutionists teach in schools that they, or those who believe like them, have established with their own money, and not in the schools established by the taxes, the hard-earned money, of Baptists, Catholics, Congregationalists, Disciples, Episcopalians, Lutherans, Methodists and Presbyterians and others; let their salaries be paid by men who believe in their pseudo-science, their damning, soul-destroying Evolution, and not force Baptists, Catholics, Congregationalists, Disciples, Episcopalians, Lutherans, Methodists and Presbyterians and others to pay their salaries; let them teach those who want to be damned by their heathen philosophy, and let it not be forced upon our children, simply because the Bible is not allowed in our public schools; they have no right, because of this, to steal into our public schools and destroy the Bible and destroy Christian belief. As Wm. Jennings Bryan puts it, if we cannot have religious teaching in our public schools, if we cannot have the Scriptures taught in our public schools, we certainly do not pay our taxes to have anti-religion taught, to have religion destroyed. If the State is not to teach religion, it is certainly not to tear down religion. It is just as much a violation of the constitution to tear down religion as it would be to teach religion.

Some hooded man, disguised, dumped the tea into Boston harbor and freed America from "taxation without representation." But what is that freedom compared to this that is needed where it is again "taxation without representation," taxation to poison and damn our children and rob them of a real Redeemer and send them to hell? Let us go at this job with hoods off -- and dump them into Boston harbor.

"But where will we get our professors and teachers if we dismiss all the Evolutionists?" You needn't worry; there are yet seven thousand who have not bowed the knee to this modern Baal.

"But where will we get books to teach that are not poisoned with Evolution?" In the first place, many of the old books can be brought back to service. The books on morals and ethics of Chicago University and Brown University are pigmies compared to giants when compared with Wayland's "Moral Science" and "Morals and Ethics," by Noah K. Davis of the University of Virginia. Besides, teachers who will post themselves, can expose Evolution in the text books now in use until books free from this rotten teaching can be prepared. And it will not be long until scholars and scientists will give us proper books for education. I cannot better close this chapter than with a quotation from that brilliant Southern writer, the stalwart Editor of the Western Recorder:



"The late John Barleycorn, whose demise and funeral rites are affirmed and denied daily in the press, had a creed. It might be epitomized in two affirmations: (1) Every day in every way makes easy the way between the bar-keeper's liquids and the consumer's pocketbook. (2) Nobody must touch my "liberty" to ruin the lives of my disciples and the lives of their families, and to debase and corrupt society.

"So does Evolution have a creed. It has failed actually to prove every one of its major hypotheses. The creed of Evolution is that certain hypotheses (defined as 'guesses' by Mr. Bryan) of science, which, if they ever could be proven would give a naturalistic origin to the universe, to the world and to all life on it, have been so nearly proven from so many angles by so many savants, that they in fact do amount to actual proof. Moreover, they say that 'all of the best scholarship is agreed' in accepting as practically proven the naturalistic theories of origin they are so acutely anxious to prove.

"Therefore, says the Evolutionist, it is true, Q. E. D. With a dogmatism never equalled by the most dogmatic spokesman of Christianity, he tells the world that no other belief in origin and growth is to be accepted but his. No dogmatic spokesman of the Christian faith ever claimed that his creed was too sacred for anybody to examine or pass an opinion upon, but himself ***** But that is exactly what the Evolutionists are doing concerning their creed. While they denounce the creeds and faith of Chris­tianity as outworn, narrow, ignorant and bigoted, they assume an autocratic superiority to all criticism and an extreme intolerance toward all who still believe they can still see God behind nature as Creator and Sustainer, and boldly affirm that their pagan philosophy is the hope of the world. It will work, they say, so soon as they can win the people from their 'religious superstition'.

"This they do against all proof to the contrary -- against the notorious failure of their Rationalistic creed to make noble and morally clean the lives of most of its outstanding prophets; against Germany's catastrophic debacle, traceable directly to this creed; against the present broad-spread lawlessness and failure of moral restraints in society, which everywhere follow closely on the heels of this teaching. *****

"Both in a section of the religious press and in notable current book issues there is evidence that some of the ablest Christian philosophic and scientific writers of America are increasingly grappling with this apostasy in a most powerful and convincing defense of the Bible's integrity and of Christian faith * * *

"We forbear the temptation to call attention to further developments in this unquestionable discussion. The Evolutionists themselves remind us of the priests of Baal who faced the test of fire with Elijah on Carmel. Having thrown down oodles and oodles both of smoke-screen and poisoned gas in their advance on the strongholds of revealed religion, and having found most of the secular press and not a few big preachers and some educators in Christian colleges, ready cowardly to surrender the citadel without firing a single shot, these supreme dogmatists of the New Paganism seemed astounded that the less braggart defenders of faith should not have been cowed into acquiescence.

"That is about where the awful game is at present. Since the Elijahs are more and more meeting them at the Carmel test, they are, so to speak, jumping up and down, foaming at the mouth, and crying: 'O Baal, send us more smoke-screen astuteness, more of that presumptuous swagger that scares stiff, silly, weak-kneed preachers who covet world applause more than the Spirit and power of God, and second-rate teachers who want easy reputation for being 'up-to-date'! Hear, O Baal, or these Fundamentalists and Bible-lovers will call our bluff, and the populace will find out how empty of power and truth is our dogma of man's intellectual sufficiency without God!'

"Well we may smile. These braggarts, for all their swagger, are indeed frightened. But the situation is exceedingly grave. Because the American educational plant is largely in their hands many of them are honored in the highest places. God's people should pray much, also study much.

"We beg the pardon of sensitive readers for our plain words descriptive of us all. We rail no man's person. But of the swagger, insolent, conceited, Baal-incantation, intolerant, deceptive, insulting dogma of the pagan philosophy of Evolution, sitting highly enthroned in the directorate of the educational machinery of this nation, where its presence is a plain negation of our national constitutional provision against religious sectarianism in State schools, we find it difficult to speak without expressing something of the absolute revolt of our whole soul. Men of God, who quail not before exalted enemies of our holy faith, does not the situation call for such a response?"

The Catholics have been wont to say that our public schools are infidel schools. That comes with poor grace from them, when they helped drive the Bible from the public schools. But we have been in the habit of retorting "It's a lie!" It's not a lie; it is the truth.

How comes it that every Unitarian preacher (every one of whom believes that the Saviour was the bastard, illegitimate son of a fallen woman) and that every infidel lecturer are Evolutionists? They have their infidelity taught in the public schools, but the rest of us are shut out and must stand by and let our children be turned from the Bible as God's word, and from the Saviour as Redeemer and turned into hell, and be forced to pay for it with our taxes.

George McCready Price tells that Josiah Strong and several noted men were traveling in Palestine, and on a hot day some of them drank from a stream called "Elisha's Fountain." Later, on the upper waters of the stream they came upon an Arab camp and learned that several of the Arabs were suffering from typhoid fever, and that the clothing of the sick people had been washed in the waters of the stream. Not long after, a Mr. Babcock of the party died of the typhoid fever. Our legislatures are letting the Evolutionists wash their typhoid fever clothing in the stream Education, from which our children are to drink; the local Board of Trustees of the Public Schools are giving their consent to it, and you, Baptist, Catholic, Congregationalist, Disciple, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian and other fathers and mothers, stand by in indifference and see your children drink and die, when it is in your power, through your Boards of Trustees of tax-supported schools and through your legislatures to protect them.

My work is done; I've done what I could; but my pen lingers. Through the fast-falling tears as I write the closing lines of this book, I see a vision floating before my eyes of the hundreds of thousands of our bright-faced boys and girls, noble and ambitious young men attending our tax-supported schools and their fathers and mothers in indifference consenting to the death of their souls, when they can, if they really will, save them from this greatest, most insidious curse that ever fell upon this earth. Oh, that I could take these young people in my arms and shield them from this blighting curse and hand them up to God!


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