Hell and the High Schools
Christ or Evolution - Which?
by T.T. Martin, Evangelist  1923
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The Only Hope
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What can be done?  Where is our hope?  The pussy­footing apologies for the Evolutionists will say "Don't do anything drastic. Educate the people, and the thing will right itself." Educate the people? How can we, when Evolutionists have us by the throat? When they have, while we were asleep, captured our tax-supported schools from primary to University, and many of our denominational colleges? "The Philistines be upon thee Samson!" But alas! We have been asleep upon the lap of this Delilah and have been shorn of our strength -- they have captured our schools. But "0 Lord God, remember me, I pray thee, and strengthen me, I pray thee, strengthen me only this once, 0 God." "And Samson took hold of the two middle pillars upon which the house stood, and on which it was borne up." So could we. "And he bowed himself with all his might." So can we. And the strength of God who "created man in his own image" will come into us, and we will slay these Philistines, the greatest curse that has come upon man since God created him in His own image. What is a war, what is an epidemic that sweeps people away by the hundred thousand, compared to this scourge that under the guise of "science," when it is not science, at all, is sweeping our sons and daughters away from God, away from God's word, taking from them their Redeemer and Saviour, to spend eternity in hell?

The two pillars are:

First, the local Board of Trustees of every public school.   They are absolutely sovereign.   Even the Governor of the State, even the President of the United States, cannot force any teacher upon any public school. It is in the hands of the local Board of Trustees. Let the fathers and mothers see that only men and women shall be put on Boards of Trustees who will protect our children from this scourge, this ''scholastic paganism." It can be done in two ways: -- first, employ no teacher who believes in Evolution; second, obligate every teacher to post himself and expose the claims of Evolution every time it comes up in the text books that are being used, for many of them are poisoned with it. This can be easily done. At the close of this book a list of books will be given that will enable the teachers to combat this deadly-damning curse.

Second, elect to the legislatures men who will cut off all support from all tax-supported schools where Evolution is taught, and require that in all tax-supported schools only teachers shall be employed who will post themselves and combat this terrible curse every time it comes up in the text books being used. Too drastic? Do you fight a scourge of small-pox with halfway measures? A scourge of small pox and yellow fever combined would be slight, as a curse, compared to this scourge that is sweeping our young men and women, boys and girls, away from God. away from God's word, away from the Redeemer-Saviour and into hell for eternity.

Instead of being misled by these worshippers of this modern Diana of the Ephesians, who at the above suggestions will throw dust into the air, and, full of wrath, will cry out, "Great is Diana of the Ephesians!", will the reader listen even to an infidel?

I quote from Prof. Alfred Fairhurst, M. A., D. Sci., in "Theistic Evolution," p 73: "Professor Virchow of Berlin, who was styled the 'foremost chemist of the globe' and who was the highest German authority in physiology, said, 'It is all nonsense. It cannot be proved by science that man descended from the ape or from any other animal (italics mine. -- T. T. M.) Since the announcement of the theory, all real scientific knowledge has proved in the opposite direction. The attempt to find the transition from animal to man has ended in total failure. (Italics mine. -- T. T. M.) Virchow went so far as to denounce the theory AS DANGEROUS TO THE STATE, and demanded THAT IT BE EXCLUDED FROM THE SCHOOLS'.  "REMEMBER THAT DR. VIRCHOW WAS AN INFIDEL, THAT HE FIRST ACCEPTED THE DOCTRINE OF EVOLUTION, AND WROTE VIGOROUSLY IN ITS FAVOR, AND THIS COMES FROM HIM AFTER HE HAD REPUDIATED EVOLUTION AND KNEW OF ITS DANGERS. He demanded that it be excluded from the schools because of its effect on this life. How much more urgent that it be excluded when it dooms the soul for eternity!

Prof. Fairhurst, professor of Natural Science in Kentucky University: "Why the public money should be spent to propagate this kind of teaching is beyond my imagination. I believe that the public, when informed, will see that this teaching which is being protected by the word 'science', but which lacks entirely the character of true science, will be banished from our public schools." "The religious public looks on with indifference while their children are being taught this doctrine, not knowing that it is a theory that undermines the Bible and all revealed religion." "And so the dogma, evolution, is being widely propagated in our high schools, and, in some places, in the grades below, and in our normal schools, among the thousands of immature girls and boys who are to become the teachers of our common schools, who will teach it dogmatically as they have received it from their dogmatic teachers. These teachers are especially fond of dwelling on what they regard as the evolution of man from some animal ancestor, and of connecting him with the brute creation, both in his physical and mental being."

Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tenn., Editorial: "The whole matter comes to this: that responsible leaders should look the question squarely in the face and definitely adopt one course or the other. A policy of drifting will ruin anything. And we venture to say that if one will embody the doctrines of Darwinian Evolution in a resolution to be presented to the various Christian bodies that it will be voted down by every synod, association, conference or other official body in the South. If this be true, then ought a company of self-important leaders be permitted to accomplish by direction what they could not do openly?"

"When the Christian people of this country understand the ravages of agnosticism caused by the substitution of the unsupported guesses for the word of God, they will compel the atheists and agnostics to build their own schools instead of using the public schools for the spread of unbelief." -- Wm. Jennings Bryan.

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