Hell and the High Schools
Christ or Evolution - Which?
by T.T. Martin, Evangelist  1923
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Effects of Evolution on Students
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Germany's "superman" turned out to be an incarnate devil; but before that stage was reached, Evolution swept the young men and women, boys and girls of Germany from the Bible as God's word and from Jesus the Christ as Saviour and Redeemer. Some professors, as mental contortionists, by theological flim-flamming, or by getting up a special brand of Evolution, kind of "home brew" for private consumption, may believe in Evolution and also in the Bible as God's word and Christ as Saviour and real Redeemer; but your open-minded student cannot.

Robert Blatchford, the prominent English writer, in "God and My Neighbor" on page 159 says: "But -- no Adam, no Fall (he's right. -- T. T. M.), no Fall, no Atonement (he's right. -- T. T. M.) ; no Atonement, no Saviour (he's right. -- T. T. M.). Accepting Evolution how can we believe in a Fall (let any honest man answer. -- T. T. M.) ? When did Man Fall? Was it before he ceased to be a monkey or after? Was it when he was a Tree Man or later? Was it in the Stone Age, or the Bronze Age or the Age of Iron? -- And, if there never was a Fall, why should there be an Atonement?" And any open-minded student can see that. And when one has given up the Atonement, only hell is left.

"The Fall of Man was the passing of the non-moral man to the moral man." -- Professor Shailer Mathews of Chicago University. Then man only fell upward. Then man at first was not moral, only a brute, and there was no fall; therefore God's word lies about it. Then there is no real Redeemer needed. And that is Evolution.

And this is the man who comes South fishing for suckers by preaching "orthodoxy," and this is the school from which many of our tax-supported schools get teachers to teach our children and turn them from faith in the Bible as God's word and in the Saviour as their Redeemer, and send them into outer darkness for eternity.

The Hon. Thomas Dwight, professor of Anatomy in Harvard University, puts it clearly: "One of our greatest curses has been the atheistic popular lecturer, the purveyor of sham science on the one hand and the hater of religion on the other. He spreads about the wildest theories as established facts, claiming that the whole social fabric, religion and all, should be remodeled to suit the new revelation. He does not know whether there is a God or not; but he does know that man came from the ape. . . . The mischief that such men do, is great indeed. The young man sees the popular lecturer praised and flattered, is dazzled by his plausibility and brilliancy. The plain fact that his hero is but a quack does not occur to him."

Hon. Wm. Jennings Bryan states: "During the last half century, the Darwinian doctrine has been the means of shaking the Faith of millions."

"There is an abundant evidence that the teaching of these textbooks is unsettling the faith of thousands of students. Many of these, through respect for their parents' faith, say but little, while many others are outspoken in their rejection of the Bible account of creation." -- "Evolution -- A Menace," p 84.

J. W. Porter, the great Kentucky preacher and lecturer, gives this testimony: "In a recent lecture on Evolution, three broken-hearted mothers told the writer of the wrecking of their children's faith, by this ruinous teaching. In a recent meeting of our State Board, a prominent business man wept as he told of the damage done his daughter's faith by this teaching." What is one soul worth ? What will pay for sending one soul to hell? But what do these Evolutionists care for this? They will laugh and sneer at it. Having believed and taught that they have the blood of beasts in their veins, they now have the heart of a brute, for "as he thinketh in his heart so is he."

"L. W. Munhall the noted Methodist Evangelist, cites a number of instances where parents with tear-dimmed eyes, have told him of how they have sent their children to Methodist schools for the purpose of strengthening the faith that was in them, to find them graduating at last, confirmed infidels. Without apology he mentions the Wesleyan University of Middleton, Conn., the University of Boston, the University of Syracuse and other outstanding Methodist institutions. He reports a Bishop's daughter who declared that at the Boston University her faith was destroyed and it took her six months after returning to her home to feel that she was back on the rock Christ; and she declared that her experience was a common one with the girls of that college." -- The Menace of Modernism, pp 115-116.

Professor Leuba states that he questioned students from nine colleges and that 15% of the Freshmen had given up the Christian religion, 30% of the Juniors, and 45% of the graduates. It is in proportion as they are taught Evolution -- the higher the class, the more Evolution is taught.

During twenty-two years as an Evangelist throughout the country, I have met with many cases, young men and women having been taught Evolution in the schools, now having only contempt and scorn for the Bible and for Jesus the Christ as Saviour and Redeemer; broken-hearted fathers and mothers weeping over the wrecked faith of their children. What care the Evolutionists for all this? They laugh and jeer, as the rapist laughs and jeers at the bitter tears of the crushed father and mother over the blighted life of their child. But the rapist laughs and jeers over the wrecked, blighted human body; the Evolutionist professors laugh and jeer over a doomed, damned human soul; and they hide behind their smoke-screen that their Evolution teaches that there is no hell. Their "culture," you know -- they are the "intellectuals," you know, -- teaches them that there is no hell. They'll find out -- when too late. One of their apostles, E. G. Conklin, Professor of Biology in Princeton University, in his book, "The Direction of Human Evolution," voices their attitude: "Everywhere intellectual classes (ahem! -- T. T. M.) are breaking away from old traditions" (ahem! -- T. T. M.) "Intellectual classes!" "Old tra­ditions!"  Those who do not accept Evolution are not of the "Intellectual classes." Poor Hon. Wm. E. Gladstone, Sir Robt. Anderson, Sir David Brewster, Louis Agassiz, Lord Kelvin, Louis Pasteur, John A. Broadus, Dr. Howard Kelly of Johns Hopkins, Pres. E. Y. Mullins, Prof. Alfred Fairhurst, Prof. Geo. McCready Price, the scientist, Geo. Frederick Wright, Philip Mauro the lawyer, Alfred W. McCann, L.L. D., the lawyer, Hon. Wm. Jennings Bryan (of course!) and a host of others. They are not of the "intellectual classes" and are simply holding to "old traditions." You men go way back and sit down with little Moses and be very meek and humble; for you are not of the "Intellectual classes." Talk about the cheek of a government mule! -- he hangs his head in humiliation and chagrin in the presence of such Evolutionists.

As a sample, one from many, of what is being done, here is a letter from a mother to me, dated March 24, 1922: "My son became a Christian about ten years ago. A few weeks before he graduated from -- -- -- -- -- University (a Baptist University. -- T. T. M.), they let an Evolutionist lecture there for one week (they did not "let" him, they invited him so as to be considered "broad," "liberal," "up-to-date" -- T. T. M.), and my son attended the lectures; and since then he seems to have no use for the Bible and takes no interest in the Lord's cause. It almost breaks my heart." And that Baptist President of the University and those Baptist Professors sat there and let that young man's faith and life be wrecked without one word of protest, without one word explaining Evolution, for it is easily exposed; and then they will go out among the common people and talk about "loyalty to the denomination," and about "our great kingdom work" and stir the people with their eloquence and pathos about the "precious old Book" and "the blessed Saviour" and "the Cross" and "the atonement" -- and then with a shrug of the shoulders and a wink of the eye, go back to their professor­ships with the thought, "my job, my salary, is safe for another year or two!" -- when they know that no man can reconcile Evolution with the ten-times-repeated statement of Genesis that every thing brought forth "after his kind" and the Saviour endorsing Genesis as the word of God, and His Deity.

Take another example of the effects of Evolution upon stu­dents, that comes from a great denominational university:

"I really believe that God sent us up here (the writer was attending a meeting away from the University), because I needed Mr. -- -- -- -- -- 's preaching more than anything else in the world. I have been taught such terrible things in that Bible class at  -- -- -- -- -- University that I was really unsettled on some things. It was taught so subtly and in such a way as to make you think that it was all to the glory of Christ, when it was not at all.

"Mr. -- -- -- -- -- has straightened me out on a good many things, and I am not going back into that Bible class. I am just going to tell the Dean that if he can't give me something to take the place of the Bible, I do not have to have my degree and can go ahead and take what I want to. But you will never know how thankful I am that I went up to -- -- -- -- -- . It absolutely saved me, because in another term of that stuff I'd be gone world without end, and no one knows it better than I do. You all can never know what I was up against. Mr. -- -- -- -- -- (professor) would sit their and pick out contradiction after contradiction and give the very references so we could see the faults, errors and contradictions right before our eyes. I was not afraid to stick to what I believed, but when he stuck those things before me and asked how I could believe that the Bible was literally inspired, when I could see for myself the errors, I just did not know what to think. He told us that we could blindly go on believing the Bible was absolutely infallible and just shut our eyes to the errors, or else we could face things as they stand and have a religion that can stand all tests. With it all he was so earnest and sincere and seemed to be such a true, consecrated Christian, that he had me up in the air. I was just about gone, and Mr. -- -- -- -- -- saved me. Mr. -- -- -- -- -- gave me absolute proof of some things that Mr. -- -- -- -- -- (the professor) hooted at and said were impossible. Oh, mother and daddy, for goodness sake, don't send the boys to -- -- -- -- -- University. I was conceited enough to think that it wouldn't hurt me, and that I could sit through that stuff and come out un­harmed, but oh, what a fool I was. As it is, it will take me some time to get over it. But please, oh, please, don't send the boys there. They can't stand it any more than I can. You get the same teaching in sociology, in history, in psychology and in biology. Everything is teeming with it, and it is so subtle you can hardly detect it. I think I am all right now, and on the right road again. But if I find myself slipping like I did this last term I'm just going to quit! It's too dangerous to fool with things like this.

"Now, I know this has worried you, but don't let it too much. Only, don't send the boys there to -- -- -- -- -- University. I think I'll be able to steer clear this term. But if I don't, I'm going to quit, because, I'll tell you, I was almost gone. It makes me tremble now to think of how far I had gone and thinking all the time that it was Christ leading me, when it was the devil."

If it is this bad in a denominational school, what will it be in tax-supported schools?

The brilliant Editor of the great daily, The Commercial Appeal of Memphis, Tenn., says in an Editorial, "We have found but a single young person who has returned from college in the last decade who was not an outspoken disciple of Darwin and from the discretion with which he spoke, we have grave doubts about him."

The President of one of our largest State Universities said, in a printed speech as quoted by Mr. Bryan, "If you cannot reconcile religion with the things taught in biology, in psychology, or in other branches of study in this university, you should throw your religion away. Scientific truth is here to stay." And alas! many of them will "throw your religion away," and you are paying the taxes to have it done.

Mr. Bryan states in his book, "In His Image" that a professor in the University of Wisconsin taught his class that the Bible was a collection of myths; that in the great University at Ann Arbor, Michigan, a Professor argued with the students against religion, and asserted that no thinking man believed in God or the Bible; that at Columbia University a Professor began his course in Geology by telling his class to throw away all that they had learned in the Sunday Schools; that there is a professor in Yale, of whom it is said that no one ever leaves his class a believer in God; that a father, a Congressman, states that his daughter on her return from Wellesley told him that nobody believed in the Bible stories now; that another, a Congressman, told of a son whose faith was undermined by the doctrine of Evolution, taught in a Divinity School; that three preachers told him of their children returning from college with their faith shaken. Mr. Bryan says that all these and others came to him within a year.

Several brilliant young Baptist preachers, taught Evolution in High School and College, have recently gone into the Unitarian ministry, because they could not, as honest men, believe in Evolution and at the same time believe in the Deity of the Saviour, and hence in real redemption through his dying for our sins.

A lot more of Baptist, Episcopalian, Congregationalist, Methodist, Presbyterian and other preachers ought to go into the Unitarian ministry -- but they cannot get as good salaries as they can by masquerading in the pulpits of these Christian pulpits.

"We have known quite a number of young people who have been turned into infidels or semi-infidels through the teaching of Evolution in our colleges and universities." -- The Presbyterian, January 11, 1923.

A large percentage of the boys and girls who go from Sunday School and church to college, never return to religious work. Mr. Bryan says sometimes as high as 75%.

Yet, fathers and mothers pay the taxes that pay the salaries of these professors to doom and damn eternally their own children, when everyone of these professors can be driven from every tax-supported school, from primary to University, if the fathers and mothers will only arouse themselves and do their duty.

As another example of what is being done, read the following personal letter to a friend of mine:

May 8, 1921. "Dear Sir:

"I was the son of a Christian mother; went to college, was taught by infidel teachers, studied Evolution, New Thought, under men like -- -- -- -- -- , traveled extensively, came home, insulted my old mother; went the primrose route, and today I am a mental, spiritual, and physical wreck. My soul is a starving skeleton; my heart a petrified rock; my mind is poisoned and as fickle as the wind, and my faith as unstable as water. I broke the heart of my mother, disappointed my friends, stood before my class on graduation day, delivered the valedictory address, lauded 'Darwin's Theory' to the skies, and other things I can never recall. I have run the gauntlet, I am at the end of the rope. Oh, wretched man that I am. There is no rest, happiness, or peace for me. I sometimes think I will jump overboard and end it all. I wish I had never seen a college; I hope you will warn the young men of the impending danger just ahead of them. I may be beyond hope, but on this glorious Mother's Day, I wish to testify that Mother was right, and yearn for her Saviour, Jesus Christ, to be mine. And I call upon you and your great church, who I learn, still believe in the old Bible, and the power of prayer to save, to pray that I may be saved under the blood of Christ and reunited with Mother in the Heav­enly Kingdom.

     (Signed)  "A Mother's Son."
That touching tragedy of a blighted doomed soul!

The insidious, blighting curse is upon us; and our children, by wholesale, are being swept away from God, from God's word, from the Redeemer and Saviour, out into outer darkness, to eternal doom, and we are consenting to it, and paying for it with our taxes.

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