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Journal of the Transactions of
The  Victoria  Institute
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Objects of the Victoria Institute
(Journal of 1866-67)

First.-To investigate fully and impartially the most important questions of Philosophy and Science, but more especially those that bear upon the great truths revealed in Holy Scripture, with the view of defending these truths against the oppositions of Science, falsely so called.

Second.-To associate together men of Science and authors who have already been engaged in such investigations, and all others who may be interested in them, in order to strengthen their efforts by association; and by bringing together the results of such labours, after full discussion, in the printed Transactions of an Institution, to give greater force and influence to proofs and arguments which might be regarded as comparatively weak and valueless, or be little known, if put forward merely by individuals.

Third.-To consider the mutual bearings of the various scientific conclusions arrived at in the several distinct branches into which Science is now divided, in order to get rid of contradictions and conflicting hypotheses, and thus promote the real advancement of true Science; and to examine and discuss all supposed scientific results with reference to final causes, and the more comprehensive and fundamental principles of Philosophy proper, based upon faith in the existence of one Eternal God, who in His wisdom created all things very good.

Fourth.-To publish Papers read before the Society in furtherance of the above objects, along with verbatim reports of the discussions thereon, in the form of a Journal, or as the Transactions of the Institute.

Fifth.-When subjects have been fully discussed, to make the results known by means of Lectures of a more popular kind, to which ladies will be admissible; and to publish such Lectures.

Sixth.-To publish English translations of important foreign works of real scientific and philosophical value, especially those bearing upon the relation between the Scriptures and Science ; and to co-operate with other philosophical societies at home and abroad, which are now or may hereafter be formed in the interest of Scriptural truth and of real Science, and generally in furtherance of the objects of this Society. 

Seventh.-To found a Library and Reading Rooms for the use of the Members and Associates of the Institute, combining the principal advantages of a Literary Club.

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