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   This is the previous version of the "Evolution" text; replaced in Feb. 2003.

EVOLUTION - Belief that your car will improve over time due to random chance. Belief that a lightening strike might just upgrade your new computer. Belief that X-ray technicians should stand in *front* of medical shields in order to receive more cellular mutations, thus improving themselves and their future children. Belief that someday, somehow, somewhere they will finally find some kind of real scientific evidence to prop up that religion, yea - that spiritual deception known as either: godless or weak-god evolution.

After all, we're improving all by ourselves anyway, right? Just look at the advancements made in countries which wholeheartedly embraced evolutionary principles: Soviet Russia (communism assumes evolution - no God to have to answer to), Nazi Germany (evolution's believed "Master Race" concept), and Communist China, among others. Evolutionary beliefs in practice, whether for your car, computer, your body, or a society - don't work. And there are still zero transition fossils.

Remember that built-in variation within a particular kind of animal or plant shows instead wise initial design, correct? For example, a car with headlights and wipers indicates that the designer built-in variability to handle times of rain and driving at night, they are not however somehow "further proof" that the car just fell together by accident. Variability, within limits, like we see within life on Earth, shows design.  (Does your car improve if you place extra parts on it at random?)

Evolution is a set of beliefs regarding the generation and propagation of matter and life without an overseeing God to have to answer to. Today evolutionists put their faith in abiogenesis. (And their religious belief that life came together by chance is well illustrated with great fictitious examples, isn't it?) They used to teach the children about spontaneous generation. "The Genesis record can't be true, it just can't be," they believed, and they thus taught others. Now they teach that "abiogenesis" - life without God's initial spark - just must be true. It has to be, otherwise repentance before God is a logical step; and that is considered unacceptable.

Your heart is beating for a while longer. You have limited time in which to figure out what it's all about. Then comes the judgment. Don't be deceived by the loudest voices contending that "spontaneous generation" ...errr, I mean - "abiogenesis" just must have occurred once upon a time, all by itself. Evolution stands against scientific principles, it is mathematically impossible, and it is at its root a spiritual deception to encourage you to make the wrong life choices.  (text by P.A.)