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Belief in evolution today is intellectually inexcusable, according to Dr. John Baumgardner of Institute for Creation Research.  The 31 bulleted resources list recent scientific findings confirming his view and destroying any remaining support for Darwin’s failed theory.  Following them are some of the many other excellent resources sold at the 7WCM.

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Information Science & Intelligent Design
     Strident evolutionists like Richard Dawkins adamantly assert that everything is material. But, information scientist Dr. Werner Gitt says, while energy and matter are material, information is not. Natural Law (NL) requires intelligence to have a sender. Therefore, he concludes, the sender of information in living systems must be the eternal, all-powerful and all-knowing God of the Bible.
     Gitt explains the concept of NL and lists those commonly known to scientists.  After defining information conceptually, he identifies its inherent Natural Laws. This new area of science completely demolishes evolution. His book is technical; his DVD delightful.

   The idea of Intelligent Design (ID) has been developed by the Discovery Institute (DI) in Seattle. Their work raises impossible obstacles for Darwinism in three DVDs. The DI does not talk about God, the Bible or the age of the earth, even though secular science has fiercely attacked it as a thinly-veiled cover for religion. Icons of Evolution is a critical examination of unscientific arguments for evolution; Unlocking the Mysteries of Life features the irreducible complexity in living systems; Privileged Planet shows design and purpose in the cosmic world.     Seven other outstanding design argument DVD’s, listed below, include two popular series, Incredible Creatures and Life Story, for children (& adults). The more expensive DVD’s on these pages are productions while the $12 ones are illustrated lectures (PowerPoint presentations).      If good science points people to God, what keeps them from Him? Jesus identified the real problem in John 3:19:  “Men loved darkness (including the darkness of evolution) rather than light (including the truth of creation) because their deeds were evil.”  It’s really a matter of lifestyles.

Radioisotopes & the Age of the Earth (RATE) (findings released 11/05)
      This nail in the coffin of evolution should be distressing to evolutionists.  In an eight year study (1997-2005) seven creationists, all formidable scientists, resolved to tackle the strongest argument for evolution—dating methods for the age of the earth.  Secular scientists are confident that radioisotope dating indisputably dates the earth at 4+ billion years old.  The creationists found there are two radioisotope clocks—a 4+ billion timepiece and a 6000 year old chronometer.  Which is correct?  Their findings discredit the first and confirm the second.  Evolutionists see a glimmer of hope—maybe the general public will find the arguments too complicated to understand.  This means those who love creation must work diligently to master these arguments.

Mount St. Helens, Mammoths & other Arguments

Children, Youth & Home Schoolers (and adults)
A Is for Adam, HB (Hardback), Ham, $15.00
Amazing Story of Creation, HB, Gish, $18.00
Character for Life, HB-417pp, Hawkinson, 2005, $25.00
Creation Club Idea Book, 152pp., Crossman, 2003, $10.00
Days of Creation Globes, six nesting globes each picturing its day, $10
Dinosaurs, Genesis & the Gospel, 2 disks, Ham, $14.00
Evolution Exposed (updated), 326pp, Patterson, 2007, Special-$11
     America’s four most-used biology textbooks answered.
Exploring & Design Series’: Body, Chemistry, Genesis of Germs, History of Medicine, Mathematics, Physics, Planet Earth, Universe, The World Around You, $13 each (save—bundle with Wonders of Creation)
Inherently Wind—A Hollywood History of the Scopes Trial, DVD,
Menton, 2004, $12.00.  Exposes the fictitious play/movie Inherit the Wind used extensively in public schools to poison minds against JC.
Men of Science/Men of God, 101 Christian scientists, Morris, $7.00
True Story of Noah’s Ark, HB, Dooley with Illustrator Bill Looney, $15
Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation, HB-237pp, Petersen, 2002, $29.00
Wonders of Creation Series: The Astronomy Book, The Fossil Book, The Geology Book, The Ocean Book, The Weather Book, HB, $15 ea.

Other Fine Titles
Answer Book—New, 378pp, Ham, ed, 2006, $14.00
The Great Turning Point—The Church’s Catastrophic Mistake on Geology Before Darwin, 272pp, 8.5x11, Mortenson, 2004, $16.00
How Firm a Foundation in Scripture & Song, JM, 28 stories+CD, $12
The Lie—Evolution, 185pp, Ham, 1987, $10 – Ken Ham classic message
Puzzle of Ancient Man (Revised/Expanded), Chittick, 2006, $14.00
A Question of Origins—Examining the Creation/Evolution Controversy
     DVD, 2004, $18.00.  Our best documentary on the subject.
You’ve Decided to Homeschool, Now What?  135pp, Hubler, 2007, $10

Henry Morris, Father of the Modern Creation Movement
A Faithful Messenger, 4 disk DVD, 6.5 hrs, $25 (disk 1-Life story contrasting Morris and Darwin; 2 disks-fireside chats: Morris and friends--John Whitcomb, Henry Morris III, John Morris, Duane Gish, and Tim LaHaye discuss the movement’s progress, development of ideas and goals; disk 4-memorial service tribute to Henry M. Morris, 1918-2006.
New Defenders Study Bible, Burgundy, $36 (CD ROM-additional $8)
New Defenders Study Bible, Hardback, $24 (CD ROM-additional $8)
The Genesis Flood, 518pp, H Morris & John Whitcomb, 1961, $15.00
      Classic. This book launched the modern creation movement.
Scientific Creationism, 281pp, 1974, $11.00
Biblical Creationism, 276pp, 1993, $12.00
The Long War Against God, 344pp, $13.00
The Modern Creation Trilogy, 3 volume set, HM & John Morris, $28.00
      A slight rewriting of HM’s three core creation books above-1996
The Genesis Record (Commentary on Genesis), 716pp, HB, 1976, $32
The Remarkable Record of Job (Commentary), 144pp, 1988, $8.00
Creation and the Second Coming, 194pp, 1991, $10.00
Treasures in the Psalms (Commentary), 406pp, 2000, $13.00
The Remarkable Wisdom of Solomon (Commentary), 236pp, 2001, $12
The Biblical Basis for Modern Science, 474pp, 2002, $14.00
The Remarkable Journey of Jonah (Commentary), 135pp, 2003, $9.00
Miracles—Do They Still Happen? 141pp, 2004, $10.00
For Time and Forever—God’s Wonderful Plan, 222pp, 2004, $12.00
Some Call it Science—The Religion of Evolution, 48pp, 2006, $5, HM’s last!

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