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Newsletter #19

Another Creation Science Victory: The Mitochondrial Clock
The Book of Job - God’s Premier Warning about Satan
Mount St. Helens 7Wonders Museum Director Search
Qualifications for new directors
Creation Kids Day Camps at Mount St. Helens

Newsletter #18

A Troop is Coming! - Dave & Debbie Klein, with daughter Abi
Tourist Season 2013 • Coming ‘Round the Mountain
Remembering May 18, 1980, by David R. Brooks
Family web Site: (Excerpts)
"Two Trees Tell a Tall Tale" by Doris Anderson

Newsletter #17

The Wonder of the Cell - God's Still Small Voice
Plan now to visit Mount St. Helens:  Overnight Camping trips & 2012 tours available.
A Lesson in Wildlife Migration, by David R. Brooks
Responding to the Flailing Economy; presentations, activities, prayers, and education.
Upcoming Events, workshops, and special speakers

Newsletter #16

Welcome to the 2011 Tourist Season at Mount St. Helens!
All areas of Science support Creation and the Flood
Upcoming Events, workshops, and special speakers
Browse our selection of over 250 creations titles (books, DVD’s, plus kids stuff)
Join us for family activities and adventure!

Newsletter #15

2008's Improvements Lead to Increased 2009 Visitors
The God of Creation compared to the God of Evolution
The 7Wonders Bookstore received 44 new releases in 2009
From a Creationist Perspective: Darwin 150 Years Later
Detailed Listing of 30 New DVDs, Books & Pamphlets

Newsletter #14

Dr. Austin promotes new trail at key events
True beauty and why evolution cannot explain it
Museum Improvements & Ribbon Cutting
Director's Report, for 2008
Important New Services: Email,Web Page, New Resources

Newsletter #13

Evolution's Collapse - 4 Flaws
Director's Report, for 2007
Global Warming: the Real Cause

Newsletter #12

The Case for a Creator
Director's Report, for 2006
Genetic Entropy & the Mystery of the Genome

Newsletter #11

Thousands ... not Billions!
Extinction of the Woolly Mammoths
Intelligent Design– what kind of science is this?
7 Wonders Museum 2005 Report


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