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ISSUE #18 - 2013

Open PDF of: Newsletter #18

Lloyd Anderson shows new bookstore resources!

See: "Two Trees Tell a Tall Tale" on Page 9 

Remembering May 18, 1980,
by David Brooks, on Page 4

"Coming 'Round the Mountain!" on Page 2
(Getting ready for the 2013 Tourist Season)

Background image by Raymond Fleshman
(Mount St. Helens, before 1980)

Inside:                                                   (Click on the PDF link above for the full newsletter)

· Harry Garner Park Offers Camping.
· New MSH 7Wonders DVD - 117 minutes of fact-filled content
· If you have not visited the 7Wonders Museum recently, it’s time to come again!
· "Noah’s Flood: Fact or Fable"
· Poems, Memories, and New bookstore resources!

Open PDF of: Newsletter #18

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