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ISSUE #16 - 2011

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Rick Thompson

Larry Vardiman

Stan & Bonnie Lutz

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· This season the 7Wonders Museum will call upon experts from local creation organizations.
· Every field of science now supports the Bible’s explanation for how the earth and everything in it began.
· If you have not visited the 7Wonders Museum recently, it’s time to come again!
· Over 2,700 visitors last year!
· “The Case of the Missing Mountain” - New Kids Book

Open PDF of: Newsletter #16

Welcome to the 2011 Tourist Season at Mount St. Helens!  (Page 1)

Good Science stops here this summer as experts in fossil record, math,
    flood geology, cell biology and wild weather all support creation  (Page 2)

Upcoming Events, workshops, and special speakers  (Pages 2-3)

Browse our selection of over 250 creations titles (books, DVD’s, plus kids stuff) and sit 
    and eat your sack lunch before traveling the one hour drive to Mount St. Helens.  (Page 3)

2010 Museum Director’s Report  (Page 3)

Join us for family activities and adventure!  (Page 4)

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