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Two Reviews:

1.  Genetic Entropy & the Mystery of the Genome by Dr. John Sanford. P.1-2

2. The Case for a Creator DVD with Lee Strobel p.4

Director’s Remarks p.3

Resource Picks & Holiday Meditation

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Important Enclosures:

1. 7Wonders Brochure

2. Flyer to promote Case for a Creator

3.  ICR helium diffusion article


Two Reviews:

·          Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome –

·          a book by John Sanford,  p.1 &.2

·          The Case for a Creator DVD by Lee Strobel, p.3

Director’s Remarks and Resource Picks, p.4


Important Inserts

1. 7Wonders Brochure

2. Flyer for Stroble DVD promotion in your church.

3. ICR helium diffusion article

Text Box: Insights into Creation from the 7Wonders
        Museum and Bookstore near Mount St. Helens
December 21, 2006
Newsletter #12   		

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Genetics Disproves Evolution

What Darwin did not know

by Lloyd Anderson, a book review


   If evolution occurred, genetics did it.  Darwin said life began with one-celled organisms and that small improvements over time produced today’s life forms. 

   But Darwin did not know what makes life work.  Now scientists know all life is dictated at the genetic level of the cell.  This manual for life is called DNA.  Every cell has a copy of it.  Over the years scientists said beneficial changes in the DNA called mutations cause evolution and that natural selection chooses for them to make improvements.

Text Box: Dr. John C. Sanford of Cornell University says, in effect, that mutations are invariably bad and will kill you unless a truck runs over you first.   Now a successful geneticist says this is all wrong.  Dr. John C. Sanford of Cornell University says, in effect, mutations are invariably bad and will kill you unless a truck runs over you first.  He says mutations are increasing at least 400 times faster than was thought just 50 years ago.  If this is true Darwin had it backwards.  What is really happening is small changes are collecting in the gene pool of every living thing and sooner or later produce extinction.  Life is going downhill, not uphill.

   Darwin’s idea had philosophic implications.  If natural causes can explain all life, God is out of a job.  But if life started out perfect and has been going downhill, the implication is creation—that the Bible has it right.  God made life perfect in the Garden of Eden just thousands of years ago and it is rapidly winding down.

   Just how successful is Dr. Sanford?  His achievements include the gene gun, 27 patents, 75 professional papers, starting two genetic companies and 25 years teaching at Cornell.  As he reached the golden years of productivity he began to reflect on the help evolution had given his science.  He couldn’t think of any though he had believed and taught evolution.  This led to a painful two-year review of his belief in evolution. 

   Here is how he described his journey in the prologue of his new book Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome (202 pages, $16.96, 2005):


Modern Darwinism is built, most fundamentally, upon what I will be calling “The Primary Axiom”.  The Primary Axiom is that man is merely the product of random mutations plus natural selection.  Within our society’s academia, the Primary Axiom is universally taught, and almost universally accepted….  It is very difficult to find any professor on any college campus who would even consider (or should I say – dare) to question the Primary Axiom.  It is for this reason that the overwhelming majority of youth who start out with a belief that there is more to life than mere chemistry – will lose that faith while at college.  I believe that this is also the cause of the widespread self-destructive and self-denigrating behavior we see throughout our culture.

What if the Primary Axiom were wrong?  If the Primary Axiom could be shown to be wrong, it would profoundly affect our culture; and I believe it would profoundly affect millions of individual lives.  It could change the very way we think about ourselves.

Text Box: The primary axiom:
    house of cards
    vulnerable theory
    rests on faith
Late in my career, I did something which for a Cornell professor would seem unthinkable.  I began to question the Primary Axiom.  I did this with great fear and trepidation.  By doing this, I knew I would be at odds with the most ‘sacred cow” of modern academia.  Among other things, it might even result in my expulsion from the academic world.  Although I had achieved considerable success and notoriety within my own particular specialty (applied genetics), it would mean I would have to be stepping out of the safety of my own little niche.  I would have to begin to explore some very big things, including aspects of theoretical genetics which I had always accepted by faith alone.  I felt compelled to do all this – but I must confess that I fully expected to simply hit a brick wall.  To my own amazement, I gradually realized that the seemingly “great and unassailable fortress” which has been built up around the Primary Axiom is really a house of cards.  The Primary Axiom is actually an extremely vulnerable theory – in fact it is essentially indefensible.  Its apparent invincibility derives largely from bluster, smoke, and mirrors.  A larger part of what keeps the Axiom standing is an almost mystical faith, which the true-believers have in the omnipotence of natural selection.  Furthermore, I began to see that this deep-seated faith in natural selection is typically coupled with a degree of ideological commitment – which can only be described as religious.  I started to realize (again with trepidation), that I might be offending a lot of people’s religion!

To question the Primary Axiom required me to re-examine virtually everything I thought I knew about genetics.  This was probably the most difficult intellectual endeavor of my life.  Deeply entrenched thought patterns only change very slowly (and I must add – painfully).  What I eventually experienced was a complete overthrow of my previous understandings.  Several years of personal struggle resulted in a new understanding, and a very strong conviction that the Primary Axiom was most definitely wrong.  More importantly, I became convinced that the Axiom could be shown to be wrong to any reasonable and open-minded individual.  This realization was exhilarating, but again – frightening.  I realized that I had a moral obligation to openly challenge the most sacred of cows.  In doing this, I realized I would earn for myself the intense disdain of most of my colleagues within academia – not to mention very intense opposition and anger from other high places.

What should I do?  It has become my conviction that the Primary Axiom is insidious on the highest level – having catastrophic impact on countless human lives.  Furthermore, every form of objective analysis I have performed has convinced me that the Axiom is clearly false.  So now, regardless of the consequences, I have to say it out loud: the Emperor has no clothes!


     Sanford begins his book by telling us what the genome is as well as how mutations occur that destroy the information carried by it. The speed at which this happens is now apparent and, disturbingly, little publicized. Then he takes on natural selection which is supposed to solve the problems. He shows just how it has never been any kind of an aid car and that other proposed rescue operations for the genome, in reality, do not work either. Cloning, man’s attempt fails as well. However, there is hope and Dr. Sanford provides that in the personal postlude to the book.

Genetic entropy joins several hundred other geochronometers in suggesting the earth is recent, not ancient. Geochronometers (geo-worldwide + chronometer-clock) are worldwide processes suggesting an age for the earth. Sanford says human fitness has declined between 78% and 95% in the 150 generations since the worldwide flood.

Recommendation.  Must reading for every biology student and biologist.  The main thrust of the book is easy reading but it has enough technical material to show geneticists Sanford knows his field. Dr. Vern Bissell of Portland State U says that if the recent creation radio decay research is a nail in the coffin of evolution, Sanford’s material is a railroad spike. Sanford is a key player in a major creation biology initiative due to be released in several years.

Availability.  The 7Wonders Museum carries Sanford’s book and sells it for $15. I would be happy to discuss this book over the phone—as long as the sound is clear (cell phones usually are not).  360-274-5737. We have unlimited US LD calling.











Director's Remarks—Looking Back/Forward

by Lloyd Anderson

Best Year Yet. With your prayers and encouragement our 8th year, 2006, was a banner year: 2600 visitors, 44 field trips, $28,000 in sales, $15,500 in donations, 103 slide shows and various other talks. Volunteers assisted in keeping the Center open 349 days (including 7 partial days). Doris and I had 34 meetings away from the Center. We were in Texas for 17 days last January and February, at Manzanita OR in March, and Aberdeen WA this fall.

Prayer Focus for 2007. While 2006 was the year of the road trip, 2007 will be the year of Creation literature evangelism. We have purchased 500 copies of Lee Strobel’s The Case for a Creator which is a persuasive DVD for Creation. Large numbers of Christian young people abandon their faith in college due to the seamless message that science has proved evolution. The implications of the message that man is just an advanced animal and should do what makes him happy are devastating. The plan is to challenge Creationists to place this DVD in the hands of receptive students.  Our buying power allows us to offer this $19.95 DVD for $18.00 for the first copy and just $11.00 for additional copies. Please join us in praying that these DVD’s will reach the target audience and not sit on the shelf.

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Discussing Recent Creation Findings.  I would enjoy discussing the amazing recent creation discoveries with you—RATE, Genetic Entropy, Ice Age & Woolly Mammoths, Intelligent Design, Missoula Flood. We have an unlimited continental U.S. phone plan. Call me with your number and ask me to call you back. (360-274-5737).

RATE. Radioisotope dating was the strongest evidence secular science had for claiming the earth was billions of years old. In 1997 seven Creation scientists began an eight year study to learn if new science might shed another perspective on this “gold standard” dating method. By God’s grace they made stunning new discoveries showing this category of dating actually says the earth is only thousands of years old. Doris and I attended the San Diego conference where those findings were announced 11/05.  In the current issue of Acts and Facts Dr. Russell Humphreys clarifies the key finding—helium diffusion. In 2006 the conference was repeated regionally three or four times. Would you be interested in helping to bring this conference to metro Portland?

Mount St. Helens, Current Activity. MSH has erupted for 26 straight months now, is continuing to steam and eject a dump truck load of lava every 13 seconds. Volcanologists term this "rebuilding." Record rainfall brought seven inches November 6 & 7 in our area and an astonishing 30” near MSH. The mountain is totally covered in snow. At seven this morning (12/18/06) I saw the rising sun paint the lower side of vapor rising from MSH a beautiful pinkish hue. We are 27 air miles west. Cutbacks in funding for Coldwater Visitors Center have reduced hours of operation so that it will be closed in January and be open five days a week beginning February as weather permits. During the off-season you can make our Museum a final destination.  Study the Seven Wonders displays, search our 170 Creation bookstore resources, take some free Creation literature, enjoy a presentation of our PowerPoint talk.  We do not charge for our services so all can afford them. Field trips are booked in advance.  Also now is the time to start planning for your group to visit in 2007. See our web site for tour information.

Text Box: Introducing a persuasive 60
minute DVD -- our special offer for you and your friends.
Only at the 7Wonders M&BS
    The Case for a Creator

                                         with Lee Strobel



   Lee Strobel's childhood curiosity led to throwing his train on the floor to find out how it worked. This inborn quest to get to the bottom of things eventually led him to become a graduate of Yale Law School, an award-winning journalist for the Chicago Tribune and a prolific author. You are bound to enjoy his most current DVD, The Case for a Creator.

Text Box: "My road to atheism was paved by science… but, ironically, so was my later journey to God."
             -- Lee Strobel
   Strobel's manner is sincere and engaging as he interlocks his own faith adventure amidst interviews with key scientists and scholars. Highlighted with spectacular computer animation, this DVD is an important tool for helping friends and family see through the clouds and dust of evolutionary dogma. They may well relate to this man who is a classic example of how incorrect science can lead one to believe there is no God.

   As a high school freshman Strobel was taught that Stanley Miller, at the University of Chicago in 1953, created the building blocks for life in a test tube. Miller sparked gases that were thought to be present before life began and produced amino acids. Through this Strobel became convinced that God did not exist; that only the hard, empirical evidence of science could be trusted -- and it appeared to point to a universe created by purely materialistic processes: time, chance, and Darwinian evolution. (Little did he know that Miller's world-renown experiment would be completely rejected by secular science years later).

   Strobel is also a classic example of how every sincere search for truth eventually hits pay dirt. After years of writing that supported evolution, God entered the equation. Strobel's wife converted to Christianity. He thought his marriage would be over, but to his surprise he saw positive changes in her and eventually decided to put his investigative skills to Christianity and to that scientific viewpoint that led him to atheism. In 1981 he forsook atheism for Christ and went on to write the best-selling books, The Case for Christ, The Case for Faith, and the Case for the Resurrection.

   Strobel says, "My road to atheism was paved by science… but, ironically, so was my later journey to God." His many interviews first led him to find that Miller's experiment was based on faulty science. He also learned that the tree of life illustration, the only illustration in Darwin’s famous book, was wrong. There is no evolutionary chain from simple to complex creatures in the fossil record. Eventually he found that one scientific discipline after another actually pointed to God as Creator of all life, the earth and the universe.

    He concludes in his DVD that "Today science is pointing much more directly and conclusively to a Creator than at any other time in the history of the world." The DVD explains mind-stretching discoveries in:

n      Cosmology

n      Cellular biology

n      DNA research

n      Astronomy

n      Physics

   Although Christ Himself is not mentioned in the main portion of the DVD, Strobel's books on Christ, Faith and the Resurrection appear in the bonus features. A web site address is given which contains clips from his books. As a person is convinced by the message of the DVD, he will very likely become confident that Strobel's books are worth reading.

   We have purchased a bulk supply of The Case for a Creator DVD and can offer them to our readers at an excellent price. Why not purchase one for yourself at $18.00 and buy one or two more to reach students or friends confused by evolution. Additional copies to give away are available for $11.00 each.