Mount St. Helens  (MSH)
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Compiled/Written by Lloyd & Doris Anderson
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The Seven Wonders Museum and Bookstore
Has the ‘Point’ of Mount St. Helens:
It’s your Creation Information Center

   While much was destroyed by the eruptions of the 1980’s, geological treasures have resulted to shock evolutionary thinking and point us to a earth that is far younger. Evolutionary bias and presupposition have produced many errors contained in today’s science text books and beyond.

   For instance, this Museum and Bookstore shows what logs deposited on Spirit Lake by the eruption have demonstrated: that the supposed 27 sequential forests at Yellowstone National Park, said to have grown & died over 50 million years, is but one forest destroyed by one catastrophic event and then transported to its present location.

Rapidly Produced Changes at Mt. St. Helens, 1980 -1984
  • Canyon erosion, including the “Little Grand Canyon” of the Toutle River, nine hours to five months.
  • Stratification formed by hurricane-velocity pyroclastic flows, three hours.
  • Badlands topography, five days.

Many scientists now believe the best explanation for geological strata is that some catastrophe formed them. Creation scientists believe that the world-destroying Biblical Flood was the foremost catastrophe.

Our Services include:
  • The Visitor/Resource Packet: Mountains of information on volcanoes, the eruption and how to best spend your time around the blast zone. Includes hikes and trails, area map and Spirit Lake Highway mile-by-mile.  $3.00
  • Slide presentations for families or small groups in the Center.  See and hear this science explained.
  • Tour guide for the day.
  • Creation science resource specialist.
  • Slide presentations at churches, schools and other gatherings.
  • Creation messages for pulpit supply.  Rev. Lloyd Anderson, B.A., Th.M.
Eruptions at Mount St. Helens compel us to look more closely at the science upon which we base our lives -- should it be the creation model or the evolution model?  The following quotes from the book, What is Creation Science, by Henry Morris and Gary Parker speak to this question.
Creation science is the study of scientific evidence for
creation according to the standards of scientific study.
 “Many have considered it (creation science) to be simply religion  in disguise....this situation is regrettable...” --Dean H. Kenyon,  Professor of Biology at  San Francisco State University
"...the concept of creation is every bit as scientific as the concept of an ongoing
naturalistic evolutionary process.... in fact, a better scientific model.”
“The creation/evolution question is, after all, not merely a trivial issue that concerns only biologists on the one hand or religious people on the other. The issue permeates in one way or another every field of academic study and every aspect of national life. It deals with two opposing basic world views -- two philosophies of origins and destinies, of life and meaning. Consequently, it is (or should be) of special concern to everyone.”

Amazing new studies on the capabilities of  Noah’s ark show how, realistically, life would have been preserved through it, just as the Bible records. Is it not this great flood that changed the face of the earth?

We have books to answer the following questions:

1.  What should we learn from natural disasters such as the eruption of Mount St. Helens?

2.  How much of evolution is actually proven fact, and why is it so often taught as the only explanation for the formation of earth and matter?

3. What caused the extinction of dinosaurs?

4.  How did the waters of the global flood affect climate, atmosphere and future generations?

5.  If  I accept the creation view of origins, will it  be a more healthy philosophy on which to base my life?

   Well-documented literature and videos on sale. Suitable for  college-level, home school, and general reading.

   Free admission, free literature.

Purpose Statement:

Let all the earth fear the Lord;
Let all the inhabitants of the world
 stand in awe of Him.
For He spoke, and it was done;
He commanded, and it stood fast. 
Psalm 33:8-9

...And all His work is done
in faithfulness.-- Psalm 33:4b

By the word of the Lord were the heavens made, 
their starry host by the breath of His mouth.
--Psalm 33:6

Mount St. Helens
Creation Information Center
4749 Spirit Lake Highway
Silverlake , WA 98645

phone / fax:  360-274-5737

Located 9.5 miles east of I-5.  Take exit 49 at Castle Rock (SR 504/Spirit Lake Hwy.) & head east.  Watch mile markers.  On right.

Hours: Staffed by stewards Lloyd and Doris Anderson who live on site and keep it open during most daylight hours.  It is best to call before coming as they are occasionally closed.  The Center cooperates with local and regional creation groups and is supported by donation.  Features careful science & theology.  Schedule a group for slide and video showings or study hours in the library/bookstore.

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