==| Chapter 1  |==
The Little Bang Theory
  ==| Chapter 2  |==
The Tharsis Bulge of Mars
  ==| Chapter 3  |==
Mars Puts On A Little Weight
  ==| Chapter 4  |==
The Biggest Volcanoes
  ==| Chapter 5  |==
Where Astra Fragmented
  ==| Chapter 6  |==
Ancient Ring System of Mars
  ==| Chapter 7  |==
The Flood of Mars - Its Ice Age
  ==| Chapter 8  |==
Tilts of Mars and The Earth
  ==| Chapter 9  |==
The Energy Exchange
  ==| Chapter 10  |==
Angular Momentum Exchange
  ==| Chapter 11  |==
The First Nine Clues
  ==| Chapter 12  |==
Clues Ten, Eleven And Twelve


Biographies of the Authors


Donald W. Patten

Donald Wesley Patten was born in 1929 at Conrad, Montana.  He received a BA from the Geography Department, Univ. of Washington in 1951, and also the MA degree in Geography in 1961.  He is married, has seven children and sixteen grandchildren.  In Seattle, he was the founder of Microfilm Service Co., and also of Patten Corporation, a firm involved in commercial property management.

He has written three books, "The Biblical Flood and the Ice Epoch" (1966), "The Long Day of Joshua and Six Other Catastrophes" (1973) and "Catastrophism and the Old Testament" (1988).  He edited the series for Baker Book House, 1968-1980, entitled "Symposium on Creation".

With Windsor, he has co-authored "The Recent Organization of the Solar System", and nine published essays.

Patten and Windsor were among a party of ten, led by David Fasold, who inspected the Ark Site, the Chip Stone Site and the Drogue Stones Site on June 21, 1990, all near Dogubayazit, Turkey.  The Ark Site is two miles from the Iranian border, at an elevation of 6,300 feet.  It is 18 miles due south of Mt. Ararat.

Patten also is a principal in a current experiment on the relationship of effect of elevated carbon dioxide in controlled atmospheres on the size and longevity of mammals.

Patten is a member of Bethany Community Church in Seattle and is on the endowment committee of Shoreline Christian School (formerly Watson Groen Christian School), Shoreline, Washington.  He is a member of Seattle's Ravenna Avenue Chess Club.

Samuel R. Windsor

Samuel Ronald Windsor was born in 1934 at Wichita, Kansas.  He received a BS in Mechanical Engineering in 1959 at Wichita State University.  He resides on Orcas Island, Washington.  He is married, has nine children and sixteen grandchildren.  He is the associate partner in Bronson & Windsor, a firm in naval architecture and marine engineering in Seattle's Ballard district.  Windsor also is an engineer specializing in forensics, involving industrial accidents.  Windsor has appeared in courts as a scientific witness in countless law suits involving industrial accidents, sometimes for the plaintiff, sometimes for the defendant.  They have been high figure law suits where an engineering analysis of the accident scenes have been needed.

Windsor co-authored with Patten "The Recent Organization of the Solar System".  He has also authored several essays on Earth history.  These include "The Venus vs. Mars Controversy (or Which Planet Assaulted the Earth"), "Noah's Ark, 24,000 Deadweight Tons", and "Noah's Ark: Its Geometry".  These were published in the periodical "Catastrophism and Ancient History".  Also, he has co-authored with Patten seven other published essays on Earth history.

Windsor and his wife (Erma) were among the party of ten who, in June 1990, led by David Fasold, inspected the Ark Site, the Chip Stone Site and the Drogue Stones Site.

Windsor is a member of the International Conference of Building Officials, the American Concrete Institute and American MENSA.