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Memories of Walter Lang  (1913-2004)
by (Son) Philip Lang,  spoken on July 13, 2004

(1) Walter Lang - Faithful Servant of the Lord

 Dad's sister once told the story that when they were kids they used to play church and Dad would be the Pastor.  You see he always, for 90 years, loved and trusted the Lord.

(2) Walter Lang - Crusader

 Dad was always a crusader.  First and foremost, he wanted everyone to know Jesus as their Savior.  Next, he dedicated the 1940's - 50's to human relations work.  He wanted to make the world a better place for all races.  He understood that God loves everyone and we should do the same.  He served at two black mission congregations in Houston and later at an integrated church in Denver. 

Finally, Dad was a crusader for Creationism.  In Caldwell, Idaho, where he last served a parish,  he saw young college students who were faithful Christians get totally led astray by the evolutionary teachings of their professors.  This led him to study evolution in order to discredit it.  He was determined to show that the Bible and science belong together and not separate.  Thus was born the Bible-Science Newsletter and organization.  Through the newsletter and mail order bookstore Dad was able to contact and bring together Christians who were scientists and creationists.  He sparked this creation movement that now, forty years later, has evolution, I believe, teetering on the edge of breaking apart.

(3) Walter Lang - Christian Example

 Dad not only preached the sermon, but he walked the walk.  He taught us to "judge not and you shall not be judged."  Then when certain people wrested Bible-Science away from his control, he lived what he believed.  He forgave.  He trusted the Lord.  He went on to write an extensive commentary on Job.  He started a new creation ministry called Genesis Institute and a new magazine called The Ark Today.

(4) Walter Lang - A Success

 Dad was a success.  Not because he built a big church or founded a creation organization.  He was a big success because he married my mom.  Any of you who knew Valeria Wessler Lang know how much she helped Dad to be successful in his writing and in running the business end of an organization.  She was his angel for almost 60 years.

(5) Walter Lang - World Traveler

 Dad loved to travel.  I am sure that in the name of spreading the cause of Creation he traveled to every state in the U.S.A. and 26 foreign nations.  I never thought that Dad would make it to age 90 or even 60.  If you ever took a car ride with him you would know what I mean.  I usually closed my eyes while he was driving.  He would tape record messages while he was driving.  That, of course, sometimes distracted him from his driving.  We always wondered how many guardian angels it took to keep him safe.  Thankfully, the angels did their job well.  His angels even kept him safe on his many trips to the Grand Canyon, which was his favorite place to travel to.  For years he had creation seminars there between Christmas and New Year's.  I think he climbed to the bottom of the canyon and back up at least 18 times.  There was that last time when the helicopter had to fly him up to the top.

(6) Walter Lang - Don't Worry, God Will Provide

 Dad never had enough money.  But he never worried.  He trusted God would provide and time after time somehow the bills were paid.  He didn't even worry about his old age or retirement.  Fortunately, angels like my Mom and my brother were wise enough to pay off the house, pay up the social security, and manage what money there was so well that it was always enough.  In the end, there were two more angels in Julius and Beverly Neal who cared for Dad's physical needs with great love and care.

(7) Walter Lang - Conversationalist

 It was amazing to watch my Dad talk to total strangers.  I remember seeing him off at an airport.  While we were waiting he engaged a stranger in conversation about travel.  Within five minutes he wove the conversation step by step into a discussion of creation and the Bible.  I saw that sort of conversation happen countless times.  I imagine he is in heaven right now telling someone about creation science.

(8) Walter Lang - Life Changer

 Dad was never the most popular person.  He had a philosophy that if what he was doing  was popular, it must be wrong.  After all, the Bible talks about only a remnant of believers being saved.   Yet, one at a time Dad befriended people and often changed their lives for the better.  I remember a lady in Idaho.  She was a farm wife.  She did not have a teacher's education.  But, Dad believed that she would be a good teacher for the new kindergarten he wanted to start.  He encouraged her and enabled her.  She became an excellent teacher and eventually got her college training.  But, there's more.   Her growth inspired her two oldest daughters to attend Concordia College at Portland and become teachers in Lutheran schools.  Maybe, at the reception today some of you can share stories of how Dad touched your lives in positive ways.

(9) Walter Lang - Sleepless in Seattle and Everywhere Else

 Dad amazed all those who really knew him that he could persistently be on the go for twenty hours a day.  He didn't seem to need sleep.  He would arrive at 6 a.m., say hi to the grand kids, sleep a couple of hours, and be off on the road again.  Much of his ministry was done in people's homes.  He tried to never spend money for a motel.  He usually stayed at some generous person's home.  That meant staying up late to share the Bible and Creation story and getting up early to travel on to the next location.

(10) Walter Lang - Father

 This is the hard one.  Dad was usually so busy crusading and preaching that family didn't see him much.  Still, I wouldn't trade my Dad for any other dad.  I have been richly and eternally blessed by his spiritual example and guidance.  My closing prayer is that you also have been touched in positive ways by his life.

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