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Copyright © 1992 by GENESIS INSTITUTE

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Many have helped in preparing this commentary.

First we give credit to Mrs. Walter (Valeria) Lang who retyped the commentary three times since 1983 when work on this commentary was begun. First it was prepared for three volumes and done on a typewriter. The Hebrew was pasted by her very carefully and laboriously. Then it was decided to put the commentary on a computer disk and it had to be retyped so it could more reasonably be produced in one volume. Then an extensive amount of careful proofing was done by her. Possibly as much as $50,000.00 worth of typesetting and proofing time was put in by her without any specific, financial remuneration.

Secondly, we have to thank Larry Race of Stillwater for helping us learn how to insert the Hebrew professionally into the commentary, using a professional Compugraphic font. He was directed by his instructor, Eugene Selchow, both from the Twin Cities, Mn. area.

Thirdly, we wish to give our printer, Northwest Printing of Spencer, Iowa, Gary and Sharon Fitzloff, a great deal of credit. It took much time to figure out how to use the Hebrew font. An extra typesetter was loaned to the author, to use in his home, for months at a time, to help him with proofing and with the references. It was a real task for them to get everything done and they did it cheerfully and professionally. The author was led to this printer by Eugene and Mary Faulstich. Mr. Faulstich has a number of books published by this printer on exact dating of
the Bible, which are powerful in overcoming the millions and/or billions-of-years concept that is so dominant in the world today.

Fourthly, we wish to thank Laura Lang, the granddaughter of the author, of Whittier, California, a student at Christ College, Irvine, Ca., for the sketches in this commentary. They are also made to appear in a new edition of the book Fifty-Two Scientific Subjects in Job.

We wish to thank all who have made extensive suggestions for this second edition of the commentary. We have attempted, as much as possible, to embody these suggestions in this edition.

Walter Lang

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