Colossians and Science
A Total Christ  -  by Walter Lang

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Day Twenty-Seven -- Colossians 3:18,19

A Total Christ and Marriage

What the philosophy of evolution with its alleged gradual upward development has done to people's attitude toward marriage is noted in the book Beware Sensitivity Training by Phoebe Courtney. The author describes attitudes toward marriage within our nation's schools. Sex education is encouraged even for very young children and filthy literature is proscribed for classroom use. In the group psychology of sensitivity training, students are programmed to rid themselves of inhibitions, mainly those regarding sex. In the program for women's liberation, Biblical expressions with reference to wives being subject to husbands are contradicted. There is much emphasis on birth control and/or abortion.

Christ and Marriage

The book of Colossians does not contain as much on marriage as does its companion book, Ephesians, where the apostle Paul devotes the section 5:22-33 to the duties of wives and husbands. In Colossians only one verse is addressed to wives and one to husbands. Wives are encouraged to submit themselves to their husbands and husbands are told to love their wives. In Ephesians husbands are told to love their wives in the same measure as they love themselves, and the example of Christ's love for His bride, the church, is given. Christ, who is Creator and Preserver as well as Redeemer and Forgiver, must provide the motivation for doing good works. When Christ dominates our life, we have a sacred attitude toward marriage.

Sacred Attitude

In the Old Testament any proven example of fornication or adultery was subject to capital punishment, and stoning to death. Today, even in church circles, one finds a very loose attitude toward marriage. It is surprising, as one visits various Christian churches, that two or three successive marriages by one individual are tolerated. It would seem that on a mass basis the only way this can be overcome is to emphasize the sanctity of marriage. Much time and effort go into solving marriage problems within churches. The Dobson films, featuring Christian family living, are very popular. Many marriage seminars are conducted. Still, the problem persists. Perhaps Christians ought to consider Old Testament teachings. If Christ is to be total in our lives, this must include also marriage. Capital punishment for adulterers is not likely to be reinstated, but we can follow instructions given in letters to the Colossian and Ephesian Christians.

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Prayer. That we may regard marriage as a sacred institution and that as Christians we may work to overcome pornographic and sexual sins in our society.

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