Colossians and Science
A Total Christ  -  by Walter Lang

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Day Twenty-Five -- Colossians 3:14

A Total Christ and Perfect Love

Harold Roellig is an anthropologist and former pastor. In his book The God Who Cares he claims that Martin Luther made a mistake when he placed Christian life under the Ten Commandments. He claims that in the New Testament we are free from this Law. He favors a law which is not bound by the Ten Commandments.


In Col. 3:14 the apostle Paul writes that charity (love) is the bond of perfectness, a thought emphasized throughout this letter. He wishes to present the Colossian Christians as holy, unblamable and unreprovable before God. He says that fulness dwells in Christ, and in Him who is above all angels we can be complete and perfect (2:10). If we understand the perfectness mentioned in 3:14, we will not disassociate love from the Ten Commandments. They were given (as they are explained by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount) that we might understand what perfection before God means. God is satisfied with nothing less than total perfection, and the Ten Commandments can never be abrogated. Summary of the Law is love, first to God, and then to our fellowmen. According to James 2:10, if it were possible for us to keep the Law--and yet offend in only one point--we would be guilty of the whole Law. Such is the nature of perfection. God created the universe in perfection, and when it was destroyed by Adam's sin, God found a way to restore that perfection through His Son. That Law is forever binding.


Frequently I am asked to help someone's relative or friend who is an evolutionist. Often this person is active in Christian Church work. How can one reach such a person? A good way is to emphasize the theme of perfection and absolutes which runs through Scripture, through the Christian religion. Perfection demands a perfect universe in the beginning (Gen. 1:31), in contrast to vain philosophies, such as evolution theory. Indicate there can be no compromise. God demands perfection, but none of these theories permits even absolutes. As the apostle Paul, in his arguments with the gnostics often spoke of perfection, so today we should confront the vain philosophy of evolution and related religions. Perfect love are key words in our struggle for truth.

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Prayer: That we may see the value of perfect love and learn how to obtain it. That we may use perfect love in witnessing to God's truth.

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