Colossians and Science
A Total Christ  -  by Walter Lang

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Day Twenty-One -- Colossians 2:7

Rooted and Grounded in a Total Christ

In his book Where Are We Headed? author Jan Lever makes an attempt at being both a Christian and an evolutionist. He is a scientist in Holland and he accepts a millions-of-years evolution and an amoeba-to-man development. Writing books and appearing on radio and TV, he pushes his position that Christ's main teaching is the universal equality of mankind and that our chief responsibility is to show social concern and to be peaceable. He says nothing of Christ's power and forgiving love, but emphasizes that we are to follow His examples of kindness. Though no person can read another's heart to determine whether he is a Christian, he obviously is not rooted and grounded in the total Christ.


In Col. 2:4, 8,18, 23 the apostle Paul issues four warnings to Christians to avoid following gnostic heresy. He warns them not to be beguiled, not to follow vain philosophy, not to follow traditions of man or rudiments of this world, not to worship angels nor intrude into things unseen, and not to be puffed up. In verse 7 we read that, those who follow gnostic philosophy--which substituted angel worship for Christ worship--are no longer rooted and grounded in Christ. Many people claim that Christ and Gospel have nothing to do with science, and they would perhaps say that Christ and Gospel had little to do with gnostic heresy in Paul's day. But the apostle differs; he insists that Jesus Christ is total. For the sake of wisdom, Christ is vital and we need to be rooted and grounded in Him. This is the safe way to avoid being deceived.

A Sunday School Superintendent

Recently we attended a Sunday School where the superintendent rejected the short ages given in Scripture in favor of accepting long ages proposed by the scientific establishment. He was a good scientist and active in his church, but he refused permission for showing a "dinosaur" slide presentation because he insisted dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. He needs to be warned, as Paul warned the Colossian Christians, not to be deceived by unbelievers. Though active in his church, this man was not rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ. And there are many like him. Pressure from the community and from everything that appears awesome in the world is tremendous and many Christians bow to it. Paul tells them, as he told the Colossian Christians, they are not rooted and grounded in Christ Jesus.

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Prayer: That we be taught to heed warnings against unchristian philosophy and vain deceit. That we become ever more rooted and grounded in a total Christ.

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