Colossians and Science
A Total Christ  -  by Walter Lang

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Day Thirteen -- Colossians 1:18

Jesus Christ Total in All Things

In our reading for Day Two we referred to G. Kenneth An-deen and his book Genesis, the Book of Beginnings. The reason he does not believe that Genesis presents an historical account of creation is that he fails to understand a key verse in the book of Colossians (Col. 1:18). Here we read that Christ is preeminent in all things. Andeen claims that Genesis teaches only that God is Creator and Preserver and that it is left to science, more or less, to answer questions as to "how" and "when." This leads him to believe that creation is still continuing. In Col. 1:16, 17 Paul makes a distinction between creation and preservation.

All Things

Here we need to emphasize the value of the word "all things." This means that also in material things Christ is to be total. Christ was born in the flesh, and in Col. 1:22 we read that He reconciles us by His blood and by the body of His flesh. Christ died in His fleshly body and rose in His body of flesh and blood. Following His resurrection and glorification, He told His disciples that a spirit does not have flesh and bones as He had (Luke 24:39). For Christ to be preeminent in all things means that His forgiveness must have material regenerating power as well as spiritual regeneration.

Meaning of Colossians 3:1

It seems that the apostle Paul contradicts himself when he states in Col. 3:1 that we are to put our affection on things above and seek those things that are above rather than things of the earth. This seems to make a distinction between physical and spiritual matters. But Paul speaks only of physical things which are cursed by human sin. Before entrance of sin, all flesh was good. Also, the new heavens and new earth will be physically restored to their original perfection. This is why in Acts 3:21 we read of the restitution of all things. In the restoration, everything will be in its original purity. This attempted distinction between Christ as spiritual and science as physical is destructive both to science and theology.

Job 23:25

This is noted already in the Old Testament. In the book of Job the young man, Elihu, states--after leading Job into the Gospel under the picture of an "Angel above a Thousand" ransoming Job's soul from the pit--that Job's badly deteriorated fleshly body would be restored to freshness as that of a young child. This actually happened for Job lived another 140 years. At the time of his affliction he was perhaps 70 years old. The statement that "Christ is preeminent in all things" emphasizes the renewing power of the Gospel.

Reference 3.

Prayer: That we may learn the value of Christ not only in spiritual matters, but in "all things."

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