Colossians and Science
A Total Christ  -  by Walter Lang

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Day Eleven -- Colossians 1:14 and 2:13,14

Christ is Total Through Forgiveness

Kelly Segraves, writing in Jesus Christ, Creator, emphasizes that Jesus Christ is not only Redeemer, but also Creator. In Col 1:16 we read that Jesus Christ "created" or ktisis. This Greek word has the same meaning as the Hebrew word bara. It means to make something out of nothing, to make something for the first time, and to make as only God can make. It is distinguished from "holding together" or sunesteeken (1:17) which refers to preservation processes still going on. Scientists can operate only with preservation for no one can experiment with a one-time "creation." What author Segraves properly emphasizes is that unless Christ is also Creator, He has no power to forgive our sins.

Stephan Marinov

At the 1978 Creationist conference on space, held in Cleveland, Ohio, the theme centered on Einstein's theory of relativity. Three non-creationist scientists were invited because they believed in absolute space rather than relative space, as advocated by Einstein. Stephan Marinov hailed from Bulgaria, his father having been a leader in turning that country into a Marxist state. Stephan had been in charge of the Observatory at Sophia, and there he began to understand that something more than "relativity" is needed. When he called for a worldwide conference to study absolute space, the authorities thought he had deviated too far. He was tortured in psychiatric wards. He convinced them they were losing an image of good scientists, for which they expelled him. Knowing that we wished to "witness" to him, he stated that Marxists had killed 60 million people in 60 years in eastern Europe alone. But that had accomplished nothing. When we told him that Christ's loving forgiveness was more powerful than all authoritative force, he stated he was also a member of the Greek Orthodox Church. In his talks, he indicated he still trusted in chance, time and environment rather than in Father, Son and Spirit.

In Weakness

This forgiveness operates through weakness. Jesus Christ accomplished His mission by dying on the cross, the most shameful death which human minds have devised. Christ possesses total power, but God's strength is made perfect in weakness (II Cor. 12:9). God uses weakness to show that power and end results derive from Him, not from us.

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Prayer: That we may learn the supreme power of forgiveness and love in all areas of our lives.

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