Colossians and Science
A Total Christ  -  by Walter Lang

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Day Eight -- Colossians 1:11, 29

Power of a Total Christ

In his book What High School Students Should Know about Creation, Kenneth Taylor describes the sun as being 860,000 miles in diameter, while earth is a mere 8000 miles in diameter, 100 times smaller. About one million earths would fit into the sun. Antares, a star in our galaxy, appears to be 500 million miles in diameter. Our entire solar system, to the orbit of Jupiter, would fit into that star. Our solar system is a part of a huge galaxy of 100 billion other stars and it seems to be located toward the edge of this system. It appears that it would take 100,000 years for light to travel from one end to the other and 1000 years to travel through the thickness of the disk. No wonder that we read in Jeremiah 31:37 that man will never measure the end of space. It appears to be continuously expanding.

Power in Christ

Yet this awesome power in space is filled with contamination and is degenerating. In Job 15:15 we read that the heavens are not pure and in 25:5 we read the moon does not shine and the stars are not pure. But Jesus Christ is pure and this means He has more power than everything in space. In II Peter 3:13 we read there will be new heavens as well as a new earth, meaning that Christ will also redeem this awesome expanse of space. Here is great power, and it ought to help us in being patient, giving strength for us to labor at our daily tasks.

Nuclear Submarine

It was this writer's privilege recently to take a tour of a U.S. submarine. There were 11 missiles, each having 14 nuclear warheads. A single submarine has enough power to wipe out all of Russia. Further, they can remain undetected in the ocean for months at a time. This is awesome power, but we have more power in Jesus Christ.

Numbers and Power

Many people think there is power in numbers. And some think truth is to be found in consensus. But the greatest power is in the love of Christ and that love can be applied to everything in our lives. Many people aim for self-confidence or people-confidence. We ought to be concerned with having love confidence in Christ.

Double Power

In Job, chapter 42, we read that Job was given 14,000 sheep to replace the 7,000 he had lost, 6,000 camels for his original 3,000 destroyed, and 1,000 yoke of oxen for the 500 he had lost. Also, he was blessed with a whole new family of ten children, and he lived another 140 years, perhaps doubling his age at the time. That double power can be ours when we apply the power of Christ to material things as well as to spiritual matters.

Reference 8.

Prayer: That we may learn the greatest power is in love and that we may use this blessing in our material life.

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