Colossians and Science
A Total Christ  -  by Walter Lang

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Day Five -- Colossians 1:6, 23

A Total Christ, a Global Christ

The authors of the booklet Evolution Equals One, published in India, attempt to portray evolution as a superior religion. Belief in, and teaching of, evolution theory is worldwide. In California the state Board of Education has condemned "creation science" as a pseudo-science and is attempting to keep it from being taught in public schools. Also, it has refused accreditation to the Creationist college in San Diego. In Japan evolutionism is more dominant than even the native Shinto religion. Also Moslems, who claim to be Creationists, admit that a millions-of-years age and an upward transformation of life is taught in most of their schools. At least one-half of so-called Christian churches accept some form of theistic evolution. And Marxists could not get along without their foundation of evolution.


In contrast, in his letter to the Colossians, the apostle Paul speaks of Jesus Christ as being global. He claims the Gospel has been proclaimed worldwide and in 1:23 he even says it has been preached to every creature. In our day preaching of the Gospel is not as dominant or worldwide as is the promotion of evolutionism. We might wonder if the apostle is right. The gnostics which he opposed were a small group while today's gnosticism (evolution) is more dominant than any theory has ever been. Does this falsify Paul's statements?

Vision in a Roman Catholic Church

In March of 1985 when we were giving a talk at "Sacred Heart" (catholic) church in Chihuahua, Mexico, we were amazed at the impact on the audience of statements on Scripture's scientific accuracy. While mentioning the dominance of evolution theory, the Holy Spirit led us to the real truth of what the apostle Paul is saying--the Gospel is even more dominant. Evolutionism is dominant because people believe it is science, and science is the world's "god" in our day. When it can be demonstrated that a science based on Scripture is a superior science, many people are willing to explore mysteries of the Gospel. This worldwide challenge offers opportunities to witness to our great Savior. The Gospel had global impact in Paul's day and it is global in scope today. Using modern methods of communication, we have a challenge to spread the Gospel worldwide.

Reference 6.

Prayer: That we may be convinced of the superior global character of the Gospel. That we spread worldwide the message of Christ's atonement.

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