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In 1963 Reverend Walter Lang began the Bible-Science Newsletter

The Bible teaches that our Creator is strong, unerring, just, loving and honest.  But in sin humans have sought to hide from God.  The ancient Greeks believed in an atomistic theory to replace the creation account of our origins.  Today's preferred theory is: evolution.  Like atomistic theory it is believed that the atoms sometimes swerve and that the whole universe exploded from nothing into something for no reason, and then it began improving, all by itself.

As our modern world rushes headlong towards the Tribulation, new deceptions abound.  Secular modern men, straying further and further from the truth, are mentally adopting the doctrines of demons in the place of our true human origins, our fallen sinful state, and our need for a Redeemer. 

Who and what are we?  Why does life exist on Planet Earth?  Is there a Maker for our universe?  And if so, just which religion is right - if any of them!?  Evolution answers these questions one way; Biblical creation answers in an entirely different way.

In the Genesis account: Man caused death.  In the evolution account: Death caused man.  The two sets of origins cannot be logically intertwined, i.e. they cannot both be true.

     According to our TRUE ancient history:

2,000 years ago the Christ came and walked among us.  His life, death, and Resurrection was an answer to the needs of our true human history.  To put it another way the TRUE Christ came as the answer for our TRUE needs;  the real Christ came as the answer to our real history.

     But today ...

A perverse anti-history (a history that never happened!) is being promulgated; evolutionary beliefs are at its core.  This "anti-history" will form an integral part of the foundation needed for the Anti-Christ to assume power; he will be believed to be the answer needed for this (anti- history) ... this false version of history.  Before the Anti-Christ can assume power the people need to have a foundation, an anti-history, that will allow for him to come as the (believed) answer.

A foundation is being built in the minds of men.  Rather than believing what real science teaches and the truths of Genesis, many are accepting the pseudo-scientific (like a revised atomistic theory, per above, and) false doctrines of evolutionary beliefs, even though there is still no scientific evidence that supports such (something from nothing for no reason) beliefs.

Even many intelligent, sincere people are falling for belief in evolution (either weak-God-theistic or hiding-from-God-altogether-atheistic versions of evolutionism).

There is a history of the battle to remember our
true origins as created in God's own image!
(Some of this historical defense is preserved within:   See below.)

From the 1860's to the 1880's:  "The Journal of the Transactions of the Victoria Institute"

1923:  "Hell and the High Schools:  Christ or Evolution - Which?"  by T.T. Martin (1862-1939)

1925:  "The Predicament of Evolution"  by George McCready Price  (1870-1963)

From 1925 to 1942:  Creation Booklets by B. H. Shadduck (1869-1950)

Then, in the early 1960s, God began raising up a new group of men to continue to defend His Word and our true origins, starting with the literal accuracy of Genesis.  Dr. Henry M. Morris, Dr. Duane Gish, Rev. Walter Lang, Dr. John Whitcomb, Donald W. Patten, among many others - began writing, traveling around, and teaching the truths of creation theory.  In 1961 Whitcomb & Morris published the book, The Genesis Flood as a part of this movement.

The BIBLE-SCIENCE NEWSLETTER, begun in September 1963 was the FIRST newsletter of this type in America.  There are many gems of truth and academic references in these important articles.  (And also about the same time, by the way, the Creation Research Society was formed by a group of concerned scientists.)

Walter Lang, together with his wife, Valeria, began typing up the regular newsletters, addressing envelopes, licking stamps, and mailing them out - from a small Lutheran church in Idaho.

As the founder and editor of (started in June of 1997), I know that I am so very privileged to stand on the shoulders of many great, godly men; men who sacrificed much and endured the world's scorn in order to teach the truth - that Genesis really is still just as literally true as the rest of the Holy Bible.

I sincerely hope that these scanned in and restored articles from the Bible-Science Newsletter are helpful and useful for your research and learning.  ...I think it was back in about 1999 that Rev. Lang (then about 86, living in Seattle) called me to ask for some assistance.  His wife had passed away a few years before then.  His health and memory were beginning to fail him.  I made a couple of trips up to Seattle and I helped him to shut down his ministry.  At that time he entrusted to me a complete set of these newsletters.  In the coming months and years, as time permits I plan to put selections from many of these valuable newsletters on-line for your learning and edification.

Sincerely,    Paul Abramson