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Evolutionists - Out of Eden
by Thomas F. Heinze

Do you have to have your head in the clouds to be an evolutionist?
Paul Salopek is about to start on a 21,000 mile walk from Africa to South America. The following quote is part of an article in the Portland Oregonian. (Jan 11, 2013)
“The Ethiopia to Chile walk, which took human ancestors 50,000 years to make is called 'Out of Eden'…”

The idea that it took fifty thousand years for our ancestors to make this walk has become standard evolutionist doctrine. Modern evolutionists could walk it themselves in a year or so. Salopec himself is 50 years old, so he obviously expects to make the trip in far less than fifty thousand years. Why do so many believe it took their ancestors fifty thousand years?

 Evolutionists generally believe that people came from Africa, and that the ancient people were not as evolved as we are today. One belief fed another and many now believe that fifty thousand years passed before some people walked out of Africa. But what if people were created by God, and are not apes that grew up?

When evolutionists consider the billions of years that they believe the earth has been here, fifty thousand years is hardly more than the blink of an eye. The other side of their mind, however is trusting that the people who lived before us were so poorly evolved that a walk which would take a 50 year old modern guy a few months, or at worst a few years, must have taken his ancestors 50,000 years!
How many years will pass before evolutionists’ minds have evolved to the point that they understand that ideas like this don’t go with the evidence? What if the evidence is right, and people did not evolve from apes, but were created by God as people? That would also explain the lack of the transitional fossils which evolutionists believe should show the basic kinds of animals changing to become newer basic kinds. (apes to people) After all the years since Darwin, animals can still be classified. Even the atheists who read this can tell an ape from a person and a monkey from a donkey. The evidence does not show old basic kinds gradually becoming new basic kinds.

"Evolutionists - Out of Eden"

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