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The Big Bang
An Unfair Attack on Stupidity

by Thomas F. Heinze
 People who do not believe in God look around them and see the earth, the universe and other stuff. Not believing in God, they find themselves in a tough position:

 “Where did stuff come from?”

 “Uh…” They mumble.

This is an easy question for those who believe God created. For those who don’t, some stuff may seem simple, dirt for example, but among the other stuff, there is DNA. We all have some. It carries huge amounts of complex information which makes cells, even those of your body, do things!

Generations of atheistically leaning people have grappled with the question of the origin of stuff, and have sort of agreed that stuff came from “the Big Bang,” an explosion which in their humble opinion created everything.

This is an answer from desperation! To study explosions, you can throw firecrackers until you blow off all your fingers but even if you graduate to throwing dynamite sticks, you will never find an explosion that produces matter, earth, the universe, or even a bowl of oat meal! Certainly not DNA which is loaded with complex information!

Atheists and their followers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. It is easy to see how God could create! We can even agree that He could have made DNA. But how could an explosion do that? People who fight wars use explosions a lot, but they never use them to create because explosions don’t make things. They use them to destroy things because that is what explosions do.

Pity the poor atheists! To get rid of God, they needed to substitute something else to account for the things God does. They chose perhaps the worst choice possible: an explosion! The big bang!

An explosion is not almost like God, or sort of like God. It is not even neutral or questionable. It has no mind! Ask yourself, “How could an explosion make an elephant or even its DNA?” An explosion is the complete opposite of a Creator! Explosions not only don’t create, they blow things apart!

Of all men, atheists should be the most miserable, because of all the ideas about where stuff came from, theirs, an explosion, seems to be the worst! Think about it! Can you imagine a worse choice?

In spite of how completely illogical the idea that the big bang created everything may be, we often hear stories like that from people who otherwise show signs of intelligence. This makes us tend to give the big bang more weight than we give to other ideas that are that obviously stupid!

"The Big Bang: An Unfair Attack on Stupidity"

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