Unlocking the
Mysteries of

by Dennis R.

Section 1 – Unlocking the Mysteries of the Early Earth

Discovering What's True about Origins

Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation: The Explorer’s Guide to the Awesome Works of God, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 978-0-9672713-1-6   ©2012   by Dennis R. Petersen

Welcome to the great adventure of discovering what's true about origins. We all enjoy the beauty and power of the natural world, but seldom do most of us ever think about where we got our basis of understanding and interpreting it. We call that basis our "worldview."

Unfortunately, most of the information we hear about nature and history is from entirely secular, even atheistic sources. God and the Bible are totally left out of the picture, and often treated as legend or worse.

In his attempt to understand reality, the secular man embraces a worldview that is completely naturalistic. It leaves many major mysteries that create a lot of confusion. But is there more insight we're not hearing from ordinary sources of information?

A man named Job lived 4,000 years ago and said:

“Ask the beasts and they will teach you...  Ask the birds of heaven, let them tell you...  Speak to the earth and let it teach you...  Let the fish of the seas declare to you...” Job 12:7-8

What's the result of this scientific investigation?  Job asks:

“Who, among all these, does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this? In His hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind.” Job 12:9

THINK!  For a man of 4,000 years ago, without a Bible or modern theology, what tremendous insight he had to the character and power of the sovereign Creator of the universe.

But what do our pagan experts who boast in their unsacred philosophy say these days? One science magazine cover story spotlighted “The 20 Greatest Unanswered Questions of Science!”1 Questions were raised like: “How does a single cell become a human? What happened to the dinosaurs? And where did life begin?” Of course, with the limitation of being a secular source, the answers to these intriguing questions remained veiled in mystery and confusion.

Looking at the academic landscape around us these days, isn’t it ironic that some of the most brilliant people have such a hard time discovering the Creator and Ultimate Source of all the answers? Of course the search only begins with the study of nature. Think of all the exciting mysteries awaiting our exploration in the domain of man’s own past! What astounding surprises await our investigation in an attempt to discover what really happened and how such amazing accomplishments were achieved?

In these very special chapters, we'll discover surprising evidence from all over the world. First we'll examine biblical creation. Does science back it up? Genesis tells us God created “waters above the firmament” and a “very good” earth. You know what? Modern science has confirmed the simple Bible fact that our planet had a very different environment in the past that resulted in phenomenal productivity from pole to pole!

When we inquire of our earth, what do we learn about its beginning? Did you know that many thousands of mammoth skeletons are buried in the frozen Arctic? Well, what really happened to cause that?

What about the shifting continents? Do they somehow relate to the Bible? When you enjoy the grandeur of the mountains, what do they tell you about past events and our planet’s age? The textbook charts keep insisting on millions of years to support theories of slow, gradual evolutionary change. But the facts of science support a much younger earth! Shouldn't we hear that information too?

THINK!  Do you realize why the matter of Earth's age is so crucial?

The modern secular explanation for origins requires long ages of millions of years to explain the gradual naturalistic evolution of all living things. The biblical explanation, on the other hand, contains specific details that insist on a much shorter history of life on this planet. Both cannot be true. Thus we have a major controversy in which naturalism always questions the authority of scripture, and creationism questions the authenticity of evolutionary assumptions.

Even the heavens declare something to us, don't they? Is it evolution? We’ll see as we cross-examine the claims of evolutionary thinking. We’ll discover its corrupt roots, its glaring fallacies, and some of the amazing mysteries that completely unravel the very notion of the theory.

Isn’t it interesting how the secular press frequently capitalizes on the fact that we all want to know where we came from! So, next in our search we’ll dig up some revealing things about original man. The latest discoveries are very enlightening. Of course, we’ve got good reason to ask: What really is man anyway – just a bit above the apes? What do the findings of true science tell us about the amazing wonder of man’s uniqueness?

Then there are those mysterious dinosaurs! We can’t leave them out. Surprising clues give us insight on human contact with dinosaurs in historic times! What can we learn about the mystery of dinosaur extinction? Could global catastrophe have been responsible? What do the fossils tell us? We'll get into that later.

Finally, there is the fascinating world of ancient civilizations. Many built marvelous pyramid structures, but why? How did they do it? Just how advanced were those ancients? Why were they so capable? Can the Bible give us insight on ancient wonders like those of Babylon?

We’ll explore some of the realities of the global Flood. How have violent upheavals rearranged the look of our planet in the past? And what would a globe-rocking catastrophe do to our world if it happened today? 

We’ve seen some devastating earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcanoes in recent years, but multiply that a thousand times and think of the potential changes! With that in mind, isn’t it interesting that scientists are the ones nowadays who are predicting terrifying future cosmic collisions? In times past, you would be labeled a religious doomsayer for making such predictions.

You may have noticed articles like the one that appeared in Time magazine.2 The headline read “Whew! That Was Close.” A huge half-mile-wide asteroid nearly knocked the world into an apocalyptic horror. They said it could happen anytime... without warning! And with the fright of that prospect, what can we do? Time wrote: “The most sensible thing to do about earth-grazing asteroids is try not to think about them.” How comforting!

You’re probably aware that the Bible specifically predicted just such physical realities long before modern scientists ever discovered the possibilities. In light of that, should anyone really be surprised to learn that the Bible is more up-to-date (as well as accurate and relevant) than the latest network news? As we explore lots of exciting things together, we’ll find that the Bible is always the key to unlocking the mysteries of creation.

"Discovering What's True about Origins"

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