Unlocking the
Mysteries of

by Dennis R.

Section 4 – Unlocking the Mysteries of Ancient Civilizations

Is Technology a Modern Innovation?

Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation: The Explorer’s Guide to the Awesome Works of God, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 978-0-9672713-1-6   ©2012   by Dennis R. Petersen

When Adam fell into sin, his world fell with him because he was given control of it. But even in his fallen state the family of man accomplished things in ancient times that were far from “primitive.”

Our “high tech” world has made us dangerously dependent on specialized experts and a steady supply of exotic resources to keep everything running smoothly.

    Could the ancients have had better ways of doing things?

Consider the impact of capitalizing on natural laws to a greater degree than we do. Are there ways to produce larger long-term benefits with less complex hardware? We tend to think that our 21st century technology is the best way to go. But as we explore the clues to ancient people we find they had a different, and quite possibly wiser approach. For lack of an established definition on this area of study, let’s consider the implications of a new term:
Simplified Ingenuity!

Here is the thousand-year-old ruins of the Mayans in the tropical Mexican city of Palenque. When I was there on a sweltering April day the temperature outside was about 100 degrees and the humidity was 100 percent.

But - inside this immense six-story-high structure, the rooms were "naturally" air-conditioned! Carefully engineered corridors channeled cool air through massive stone passageways, assuring ideal temperatures year round. That is Simplified Ingenuity!

How would modern man have air-conditioned an immense building in the tropics? Would our modern methods be... technical? costly? short-lived?

This ancient system, using stone and natural air flow has been working perfectly for a thousand years, even with no one there to maintain it!

"Is Technology a Modern Innovation? "

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