Top Scientific Evidences Dismiss Darwin & Evolution
by Paul Abramson  -

Malnutrition, inbreeding, and low-grade poisoning - not evolution - is the story of the 1% of odd hominid fossils that they trumpet for their theory.

The evolutionists put out a new inoculation a few days ago (of March 6, 2010, as this reubuttal is written on 3-10), lamenting that many school-age children are learning the truth about their prized theory.  Several times per year they do these inoculations, deceiving many.

It was widely reported, this particular one by a particular Associated Press writer, D. Lovan.  Here is one version:

Top home-school texts dismiss Darwin, evolution - Yahoo! News

The article states in part:

The size of the business of home-school texts isn't clear because the textbook industry is fragmented and privately held publishers don't give out sales numbers. Slatter said home-school material sales reach about $1 billion annually in the U.S. ...

"If this is the way kids are home-schooled then they're being shortchanged, both rationally and in terms of biology," Coyne said. He argued that the books may steer students away from careers in biology or the study of the history of the earth.

Quite the contrary, creation teaches a logically constructed universe, not "something from nothing for no reason," the supposed chemical evolution, stellar evolution, and other unscientific nonsense like DNA sometimes ignoring its self-correcting code as the evolutionists errantly teach.

Belief in evolution has preceeded the destruction of many modern countries:  Russia, Germany, and China among them.

    Religious Wars are Among the Worst in History!

So, when in all of human history were the very worst, the most murderous religious wars?  Wasn't it the 20th Century religious wars?  When the atheists came to power?  Mass murder by the tens of millions!  (Evolution-based belief systems.)  Nazism claimed that Jews were "less evolved."  Of course, the Aryans were the "Master Race" or the (sic) most evolved.  Over in Japan a similar evolution-based doctrine of demons played out under then contemporary Imperial Japan claiming that Japanese have the least amount of body hair, making them the most evolved and all others (including other Asians) became expendable.

Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse Tung too (also left-wing, just like the Na-zis, i.e. National Socialists; Nationalsozialismus) fell for evolutionary beliefs.  Karl Marx was a big fan of Darwinism, reading the newly published Origin of the Species twice in one year shortly after it came out.

Atheism - based squarely on evolutionary tenets, as practiced in the 20th Century - proved itself to be the most murderous and inhuman religion yet contrived.  The dictators (having no rules, no intrinsic value for human life) attacked foreign armies and then turned right around and mass murdered their own people!  So logically, those who believe in "No God, so no rules" are the most dangerous people to follow, right?

    Secular is not Neutral

There are two kinds of people in the world.  It is not rich and poor.  Not white and black.  Not male and female.  Not tall and short.  The dividing line (speaking long term) is saved and unsaved.  Satan has used many deceptions down through time to try to dissuade people from finding the truth about our temporary physical incarnation.  It is not "regious vs. irreligious" but rather the true religion, based on the Holy Bible vs. all the deceptions out there, evolution being one of them.  Being secular, i.e. denying what is most important in life, the spiritual, is not somehow "neutral."

There are more dimensions out there!  Mathematicians know this.  Where do humans come up with the notion that all-that-is somehow answers to us and our understanding, here on this Pale Blue Dot in space?  The public schools in America these days are teaching (depending upon the teacher and the school district) an enforced humanism and hedonism.  They then put "all religions" below their anti-God belief system.  It is no wonder that many parents are opting out.  In some school districts they begin "sex education" and "tolerance of alternate lifestyles" in the first grade!  (...The wolves ravaging the souls of the lambs....)  No, a secular evolution-based education is not somehow "neutral" and inclusive, at least not inclusive of normalcy.

    The Hominid Fossil Record

Back in the late 1960s the British Museum unwittingly did a great favor for creationists.  They had decided to catalog all of the hominid fossil remains found up until that time.  It was about 4,100 sets of remains.  It took years and became a multi-volume set:  The Catalogue of Fossil Hominids.  It is in three volumes:  part. 1. Africa (c.1967); part. 2. Europe (c.1971);   part. 3. Americas, Asia, Australasia (c.1975).

Today it is estimated (as archaeological research continues unabated) that there are an estimated 8,000 or more sets of fossilized human remains that have been found.  The rate is approximately one new set per week, in fact.  And yet, ... the evolutionary inoculations only come out a few times per year.  Now why is that?  It is because 99% of the hominid fossil record shows that humans have always been humans!

If they have some 50-60 odd remains that have been found, where oh where is the (believed) evidence for their theory!?  Their 1% (slightly less, actually) shows severe malnutrition, severe inbreeding, and low-grade poisoning (like heavy metals in well water, etc.) - not evolution!!

The Fossil Record is The Creationist's Best Friend.  Humans have always been humans.  But less than 1% of the record does show various deformities, just as we see some people with skeletal deformities today.

    Doctrines of Demons vs. the Truth

This is not a neutral "scientific" debate.  Evolution denies the historical accuracy of the first book of the Bible, Genesis.  As such it makes it harder to defend the rest of the Bible.  And yet time after time science has shown that the Bible really is true!

"The Bible and Science Agree"  at:

This life is not all that is.  We are not here to maximize pleasure and minimize pain.  Hedonism is a falsehood.  Evolution is actually science, falsely so-called.  Each step of the way what evolution purports and what science really shows - are opposites.  All scientific evidences dismiss Darwin & evolution.  We were created.  This planet is owned.  Our souls are owned.  After this life we go back to God, awaiting the Judgment.  ...Ever heard of NDEs (near death experiences)?  We have souls.  There are more dimensions out there than we can measure scientifically.  Related to this are: Angels; a.k.a. ghosts, a.k.a. good and evil spirits.  Are there any societies in all of human history lacking witnesses to the existence of these Beings!?  They are beings who (evidently) have the ability to come and go from our limited dimensions at will.  How could any thinking person truly believe in Darwinism or Neo-Darwinism or Spontaneous Generation (a.k.a. abiogenesis) or "hopeful monster" theory (a.k.a. Punctuated Equilibrium)!?  We are not alone.  And some of them are malevolent, wanting to deceive us in our spiritual ignorance.  They're here!...

    Planet Earth is 6,000 Years Old

Two generations before Charles Darwin a few began to manipulate data to suggest that the Earth must be much older than the 6,000 years from Adam down till today.  The magic ingredient for evolution that allows people to think that a frog (given enough generations) could turn into a prince - is time.  But many scientific evidences show that the Earth is actually less than 10,000 years old.

"It's a Young World After All"  (book, now on-line) at:

And true testable-repeatable science shows that the highly vaunted radiometric dating methods just do not work.  Back in May of 1980 Mount St. Helens had a major eruption.  30 years ago.  But evolutionary dating methods prove that it actually happened over one million years ago.  Therefore the millions of human witnesses in the Pacific Northwest must be wrong, and the evolutionists must be right, correct?

"Is the Lava Dome at Mount St. Helens Really 1 Million Years Old?"  at:

    Humans Saw Dinosaurs

The old word (prior to 1840) for dinosaur is:  Dragon.  There are dragon (dinosaur) legends on every inhabited continent.  They were not next door neighbors, just like a lion does not make for good company, but they've been described for thousands of years until humans slowly made them go extinct almost everywhere.

The Bible's book of Job discusses several creatures that later went extinct in the Middle East, to include lions and ostriches, for example.  The Romans liked to use exotic animals for sport in the urban arenas, including Rome's Coliseum, so many animals formerly native to the Mediterranean world became extinct over time.  Lions had to be imported from further away.  Marsupials also had become mostly extinct in the rest of the world prior to modern times except in Australia.  Dr. Kent Hovind's excellent 2 hour video, Seminar #3 Dinosaurs and the Bible is probably the best creationist argument in favor of this part of creation theory. Also see:

"Man-Made Dinosaur Images"  at:

And speaking of ostriches, creatures that stick their heads in the ground to hide from danger, the evolutionists have no reasonable explanation for the repeating animal motif on ancient Babylon's Ishtar Gate(See image below.)  Look at its neck, tongue, tail and hind legs.  (Do your own Internet search for more Ishtar Gate images if you'd like.)  On temples in Cambodia researchers have found images depicting stegosauruses  (Search for: cambodia stegosaurus for this controversial topic of debate between creationists and ostriches, ...errr: evolutionists.)  Also, the southwest US has ancient rock art showing other dinosaurs as well (see the "Swift" link, above).

    In Conclusion

Here on - there is a lot of information freely available supporting creation theory.  Please use it and go to the many links!  We have information in almost 70 languages now.  Most of the translations have been done by volunteers.  Volunteers who don't want their countries to be destroyed either!  In the 20th Century Satan used evolutionary beliefs to help mass murder people in Germany and its neighbors, China, Russia, Cambodia, and in many other lands.  ...So many souls destroyed!

Now Satan is licking his chops hoping to bring down America.  And if you think that ClimateGate shows how corrupt scientists can be, just wait until EvolutionGate exposes them!

Evolution is not based on science!  Rather it is a mental hiding place from God.  Karl Marx understood this.  He knew that belief in evolution could allow men to forget what is most important to learn in this life.  In fact every step of the way evolution contradicts science.  And its priests will someday answer to God for purposefully deceiving young minds, poisoning their souls.

"Top Scientific Evidences Dismiss Darwin & Evolution"

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