Mars Global Surveyor Confirms Creation!
Recent Planetary Magnetic Field Origins
D. Russell Humphreys, Ph.D.  (From: Creation Matters - Vol. 4, No. 3 - 1999)

A spacecraft orbiting Mars, the Mars Global Surveyor, has confirmed yet another prediction of Humphreys' “crazy theory of planetary magnetic field origins”!

In the conclusion (page 147) of my December 1984 CRSQ article,1 I went out on a limb and made several predictions on the basis of my theory. Prediction number 3 [and the parts below equations (30) and (31)] concerned the strengths of the magnetic fields of Uranus and Neptune, which Voyager II later confirmed.2,3

However, I made other "rash" predictions in that 1984 article. Prediction 2, requiring a remeasurement of Mercury’s field to detect its few percent decay, hasn’t yet been attempted. Prediction 1 was:  Older igneous rocks from Mercury or Mars should have natural remnant magnetization, as the Moon's rocks do.

“Natural remnant magnetization” means rock magnetization caused by Mar’s formerly strong (and now non-existent) planetary magnetic field. I was expecting to have to wait for a manned expedition to bring back rock samples for laboratory testing. But the Mars Global Surveyor did it “way ahead of time”! As the spacecraft orbited low over Mars' surface, its magnetometers recorded strong magnetization in Mars’ crustal rocks. In fact, the magnetized rocks were in stripes of alternating magnetic polarity, strikingly reminiscent of the magnetic “stripes” on earth’s seafloors.4

The reason the prediction is important is that my theory required evidence of a strong field formerly on Mars. The evolutionary “dynamo” theorists were uncertain as to whether their theory would require a former field on Mars, strong or not, so they made no such predictions, as far as I know. But there was no way around it in my theory. Thus, if my theory were correct, rocks cooling down within a few centuries after creation would have to record a strong field. It looks like they did.

Three cheers for NASA; they've spent at least some of our taxes to further confirm a creationist view of origins!


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Dr. Humphreys, a Senior Physicist at Sandia National Laboratories, is a board member of the Creation Research Society, and a leader in the Creation Science Fellowship of Albuquerque.

"Mars Global Surveyor Confirms Creation!"

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