Giant Trees of Florrisant, Colorado
An excerpt from the book:
Fossil Facts & Fantasies
by Joe Taylor
(Page 14)

Copyright 1999   -   ISBN: 0-9700779-0-4
Mt. Blanco Publishing Co., Crosbyton, Texas

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    (Figure 25b - inset top-left, photo of preserved wasp)

      Figure 25 - Joe Taylor stands in front of giant sheared off tree stump

These huge tree stumps (Figure 25) some ten to twelve feet across (3-4 meters), are said to have been sheared off in a mud flow.  Apparently a volcano erupted to cause it and the dust and ash then buried and preserved countless insects.  In some, like wasps (Figure 25b), the dark and light areas of their bodies are preserved.

To be this large, these trees may have been alive for the 1,600 years from the Creation to the Flood.  Or if they were buried in a post-Flood upheaval, they would need to be a few thousand years old.

Then to be buried, there must have been earth-changing events such as the rise of the Rocky Mountains, or the possible continental dividing during the days of Peleg (Genesis 10:25), or what I believe was a worldwide earthquake during the Crucifixion of Christ (Matthew 27:51, 54.)

"Giant Trees of Florrisant, Colorado"

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