Thank God for Insects
(Benefits of Bugs)
by Karl C. Priest, "The Insect Man"

    Biomimetics: Design by Nature

biomimetics—applying designs from nature to solve problems in engineering, materials science, medicine, and other fields.

Insects offer an embarrassment of design riches. (emphasis added)

(Note: There is likely an abundance of examples of amazing insects of which I am unaware.)

Juvenile Grasshopper
(Patanga japonica  ツチイナゴ)

Giant Leopard Moth
(Ecpantheria scribonia)


Peablue Butterfly
(Lampides boeticus)
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There are several examples in my article "Evolutionists Tacitly Admit Creation" and some may be duplicated in that article and this one.

Insects are, in my opinion, God’s choice to demonstrate
His omnipotent artistic and engineering abilities.

Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo refers to God’s creation as a demonstration of “vast originality”. ...

What about the pesky, dirty fly? There are more similarities between humans and fruit flies than you might first think. We share about 60 per cent of our (DNA) genes with them* - and scientists at Cambridge University are taking a close look at the insects to see if new things can be learned about our own human bodies. (

Separate pages are provided for FLIES and ANTS.

LINK TO MAIN ARTICLE [in English] - HERE, in no particular order (new ones added after the Importance of Insects section), are facts (from real science**) that overwhelming support the statement that we should “Thank God for Insects”.

(This is an introductory article portion, by Karl C. Priest
"The Insect Man", from his web site: )

"Thank God for Insects"

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