Counterclockwise Planets in our Solar System

All of the planets orbiting our Sun (the star: Sol) travel around it in the same direction. But the sizes, chemical compositions, atmospheres, and speeds of rotation for each astral body varies from the others tremendously.

Most of the planets in our solar system spin on their respective axes "counterclockwise." But Venus spins "clockwise" (if viewed from above Earth's North Pole, down onto the plane). And Uranus is tipped at 90 degrees, spinning contrary to all of the other planets. And Pluto is also tipped over, with an orbit that is mostly outside of the plane used by the other bodies orbiting the Sun.

Here is some general information about the planets (but from an evolutionary perspective):

And another reference, highlighting the aberrations of Venus and Uranus:

Here is more general information, giving astronomical data on the planets and moons:

"Counterclockwise Planets in our Solar System"

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