Arctic & Antarctic Palm Leaves

There are palm leaf imprints and other amazing remnants in the far north Arctic and in the far south Antarctica.

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For the second reference, as with other evolution-based sites, ignore their beliefs about supposed "millions of years" but focus on the good science that is also contained in the article.  There are palm leaf remnants in Alaska.

Think about leaves and leaf preservation.  How long does it take flower petals to whither?  How long does a Christmas tree last before its pine needles brown and fall off in all directions?  The fact that there are discernable palm leaf remnants in both the extreme north and south climes is stunning.  "Long, slow ages ... millions of years ..."  What?  Huh?  Such beliefs are not in line with the scientific evidence!

The (1,600 years of the) pre-Flood world was so much more lush with abundant vegetation than the post-Flood world (from about 2,400 B.C down until today).  And what sudden catastrophe wiped out the old world so quickly and completely that even some leaf (and flower) remnants remain entombed in stone!?  Science.  Creation theory is based on science.  What does the scientific evidence show us?

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"Arctic & Antarctic Palm Leaves"

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