Conservation of Angular Momentum

Angular Momentum is defined as a moment of inertia times the angular velocity. It is a law of science.

We see this in everyday life (like a spinning ice skater), in man-made objects (like the internal combustion engine or a gyroscope), and in the heavens (as in planetary spins and orbits).

The fact that some of the moons in our Solar System spin backwards (contrary to the rest), this makes the Nebular Hypothesis completely untenable.  Angular momentum (a part of real science) stands against the notions of some on how our Solar System formed.

In the image above we see it illustrated that if smaller pieces break off of a larger spinning object, they too will inherit the same spin, i.e. the same angular momentum.

You can read more about this law from these (and many other) sources:

An honest researcher (from either origins camp) would admit that the jury is still out.  The Nebular Hypothesis is impossible.  We just don't know how God formed our Solar System.  But I'll bet the clues are there!  Here is one catastrophism-based work:  The Recent Organization of the Solar System by Patten and Windsor.  This may not be it, but this work is thought-provoking.  Perhaps its contentions will be helpful for future researchers.

"Angular Momentum"

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