Man's Ancient High Technology

The ancient Romans constructed huge aqueducts, some transported water for hundreds of miles.  And they had indoor plumbing, with hot and cold running water in places.  But afterwards, in the Dark Ages, some of this technology was lost, only to be re-discovered again hundreds of years later.

Surely, there could be ancient technology that was later lost, but that we have yet to rediscover.

We have learned the internal combustion engine, electricity, and radiation, but perhaps ... there are other fields of technology that we have yet to stumble into - recall static electricity as an amusement in the Middle Ages, or Ben Franklin's kite with the key tied to one end. What possible usefulness could such electrical phenomena ever amount to, right?

There is excellent information showing that ancient man had high technology. Here are a couple of secular web sites: &

If we consider that "man has always been intelligent, but often unwise" then it makes sense that people around the world in every generation have been inventive and industrious (just as there have been others in each generation who are warlike or with criminal intents).

Here is some information on "An Ancient Greek Computer" (The Antikythera Mechanism) -

The man who built "Coral Castle" in Florida claimed to have re-discovered the technology used to build the Egyptian pyramids:

And from ancient Egypt itself, no one knows what the Sakkara Object (text & image) could have been, except for an airplane.  (But then the experts contend that to be impossible, since "technology always goes up" they think.)

And, a man named William R. Corliss specializes in publishing scientific anomalies has a series of "sourcebooks" at:

An excellent creation book is Dr. Donald Chittick's The Puzzle of Ancient Man: Advanced Technology in Past Civilizations?

Also see the book, Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation by Dennis R. Petersen.

"Man's Ancient High Technology"

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