America's Christian Heritage

America's history includes many men and women who believed in the Bible and who made great contributions to American society. In fact it is largely because of them, at all levels of society, that this has become a great nation.

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In the history of the world only two countries have purposefully built their governments and laws on Biblical principles:  Ancient Israel and Modern America.

The 2-volume book American Political Writing During the Founding Era 1760-1805, by Lutz & Hyneman, researches some 15,000 public speeches.  These conclusively show that the single most quoted source in public speeches for the first 50 years of the American Republic was: Deuteronomy.  Yes, the fifth book of the Bible, containing The Law of Moses.  Not Voltaire or Rousseau, two famous French philosophers.  Not Cicero or Julius Caesar from ancient Rome.  And not Edmund Burke or John Locke of the British Empire.  No, it was the words and wisdom of Moses.  America was founded as a distinctly Bible-believing Christian nation.

America is not like other countries.  The USA has a unique Judeo-Christian heritage, but one that is swiftly being swept under the carpet!

An excellent book about America's recent abnormal anti-Christian climate is: Persecution - How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christianity by David Limbaugh.

"America's Christian Heritage"

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