Adam & Eve

Adam and Eve were the first humans, created about 6,000 years ago at the end of Creation Week.  They were excellent physically and mentally.  We are smaller and weaker, with shorter life spans from our original ancestors.  In the world today diseases and deformities are increasing, as we are going down, not upward as evolutionary beliefs contend.  Recent agricultural and sanitation improvements have helped, but the general trend is downward with increased genome copying errors.

Our Creation in God's image and the Global Flood of Noah are well remembered around the world.  See Frazier's Book.

The Flood was less than 5,000 years ago (at about 2,400 B.C.). It rewrote the geological layers, causing massive layering in less than the span of one year. Leaving the Ark, Noah and his family began spreading out and resettling the world.

Initially a lot of water was trapped inland and thus world sea levels were lower allowing the continents to be connected for even the first 100 years or so after the Great Flood.  Eastern Siberia connected with Alaska, and the Malay Peninsula connected to Indonesia, which connected to Australia.

People did not migrate to Australia "60,000 years ago" since the Creation Week had not happened yet.  Thiers is an invented time scale.  There are no clay vessels that are "tens of thousands" of years old, as their dating methods are also faulty and inaccurate.

Modern humans are about 200 to 250 generations down from Adam and Eve.

"Adam & Eve"

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