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Vol. XVI • 1994

Editorial - The Last Issue of CSSHQ

With this last issue of CSSHQ we complete 16 years of publishing. Over those years the Lord has opened many doors of ministry for those of us associated with the Quarterly's publication For my part, I have been particularly blessed in learning how to articulate and defend the biblical creation perspective on the university campus where I teach. In the past two weeks, for example, I have had occasion to dialogue with a new age proponent who came to campus. He stood in the center of campus holding a sign listing nine propositions regarding his views of the ultimate meaning in life and how the world might be saved from destruction and misery. I was curious about his activities and so I approached. His offer was that anyone who would listen and understand his nine points could, in return, present an alternative list of points. I listened to his points and then returned a couple of days later to present my counterpoints, the Christian gospel. The dialogue led into a number of penetrating questions by the man regarding the biblical creationist worldview. As I answered his questions, I became aware anew of bow the work with CSSHQ had prepared me to present the gospel in the face of the questions and challenges that arise on the modern university campus. I thank God for the blessing of having been a part of this wonderful ministry and look forward to the next assignment I adventure with the Lord. I thank all of you CSSHQ readers for your prayers and support over the years. May God richly bless you all.

Paul D. Ackerman

CSSH Quarterly  -  Vol. XVI, No.4 (Summer 1994)

"Editorial - The Last Issue of CSSHQ"
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