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Vol. XIII • 1991

The New Science
Walter Lang

Something is wrong when for 1500 years... books have been written on Bible Science relationships and still there is no decisive answer to the problem. (An) ... answer is needed, but the answer is difficult to accept. The answer is not a separation between religion and science... although there is evidence for the creationist position strictly from manifestations in nature... This position (i.e. separating science and religion) suggests a neutral science, concerned only with what the evidence reveals... This (separation of science and religion) has proved inadequate. When man attempts to take a neutral position, he eliminates God from his science studies. God demands a total dedication to Him, and when something in nature is substituted, that something replaces God and is regarded by God as idolatry. When science is claimed to be neutral, at that very point it becomes a pagan religion.

Some creationist scientists object to including science in the statement "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" (Ps. 111:10). Scientific evidence is itself contaminated because it is cursed by human sin. Not only is (the exclusion of "The fear of the Lord" as constituting the beginning of science) poor science it is immoral. (Exclusion of God) is the basis for unnecessary fears of overpopulation which lead to abortion and fear of a Frankenstein monster through genetic manipulation, extreme fear for the ecology, fear which borders on panic over nuclear power. When God is separated from the sciences, moral decay sets in.

Science needs moral controls, but this is impossible without God and His inflexible Ten Commandments Judeo-Christian morality is far superior to the morality of the Humanist Manifesto.

Condensed from Walter Lang. 1984, Two Decades of Creationism, (Minneapolis, Mn. Bible-Science Association, pp. 61-63).

"The New Science"
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